Friday, November 30, 2012

Our New Course of Study

I love homeschooling my kids. I won't lie there are days when I question why I am doing this. Last week, we had a few of those days. I just remind myself that I am doing this for them. Every parent has days when things go wrong, but I know I wouldn't trade these days and special moments for anything in this world.

Homeschooling allows me to fix what isn't working or expand on things they love or truly enjoy! So I have been re-evaluating what we have been doing the past few months. I even asked the kids what they have enjoyed and what they have ABSOLUTELY hated. After getting their feedback and adding it to my own thoughts, I have come up with a new course of study for the rest of the year.

Here is what we will be doing starting in January after the Christmas season has ended.


Saint's Feast Day(daily)

The Bible(Old and New Testament, 2x a week)

Faith and Life from Ignatius Press (we are currently doing 2nd & 3rd grade)

The Life of Our Lord

The Baltimore Catechism(weekly)

English(5x a week)

Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl

Copywork(5x a week)

Copying down our weekly poems

Handwriting(5x a week)

Cursive~ Seton's Handwriting for Young Catholics Grade 3

Phonics(2x a week)

Princess P~Spectrum Phonics Grade 2

Lego Man~ Spectrum Words for Grade 4

Spelling(3x a week)

Princess P~ Spectrum spelling for grade 2

Lego Man~ Spectrum spelling for grade 3

Math(5x a week)

Lego Man~ Saxon 54( this is finally not taken us 2 hours to complete!)

Princess P~ Saxon 2

Science(3x a week)

Weather lessons from Mater Amabilis

Classically Catholic Memory Science...suplimeted with stuff I find at the library and online

Geography(2x a week)

United States~ Scrapbbok of the 50 States (I got the idea from Shower of Roses)

Nature Study(1x a week)

Bird Study~ we use the All About Birds website from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and create a nature journal about birds

Latin(2x a week)

Prima Latina for Princess P and Lego Man

Little Latin Reader: Primer A  Puella Romana for Lego Man (part of our Monday co-op)

Ancient History(2x a week)

The Story of the World Volume 1

Classically Catholic Memory Timeline

RC History

French(2x a week)

Various resources...internet, library, highschool textbook, games, etc.

Art(2x a week)

Various projects based on what we are studying in school

Art History(1x a week)

Follow Mater Amabilis

Music(2x a week)

We will continue to learn patriotic songs and fun silly songs.

Music History(1x a week)


Practical Skills(2x a week)

Princess P~ sewing and knitting

Lego Man~ car models and wood working

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