Friday, February 22, 2013

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round button chicken




No words can describe the beauty of God's work!


We have been greeted by Mr. Cardinal every morning the past few weeks.

He's such a little character. This is our second winter he has graced us with his presence. He sings loudly and cheerfully. It seems like he sings even louder when we are out listening to him. Thankfully he has avoided the fate of our three cats.





The pig recently escaped her pen and while it was being repaired she was put in our backyard with are dog.

They fell in love with each other. They would romp and play like two dogs. The pig out weighs the dog by 150 pounds but she was extremely gentle with him. There was one time she bit him a little too hard, he yelped and she immediately hung her head. She seemed to know that she had hurt him.

I felt so bad when she had to go back to her pen, but my yard couldn't take it anymore. She rooted up the yard and ate my strawberry plants. I was looking forward to those luscious red berries this summer.

Best friends!


This was our first week back to school after our Christmas break. I was ready for the kids to drag their feet. I was really prepared for our school day to take twice as long, but I was pleasantly surprised! We actually finished before lunch! I guess we needed a little break to rejuvenate our selves.



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