Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome Wall for CCD

This year, our church's hall was finally completed. Having the hall completed meant being able to have our own CCD classrooms.
After teaching CCD in the local public elementary school in town, it was nice to be able to have our own classrooms to organize and decorate. 
To welcome the children into the classroom this year, I made a bulletin board for the whole class.

I printed out the bible verse...
"My sheep hear my voice; and they follow..."
The verse was a little bit longer than I needed, so I shortened it up to fit on the wall better.
I thought it was a perfect verse to help the kids learn that Jesus leads us and we should follow. 
If they follow Jesus, they can't go wrong!

I went online and found a free lamb printable coloring page. 
I used the one located here.

I used gray and white marbled printer paper, It gave the sheep a furry look.
I then cut out each lamb and printed each child's name on it.

They were all excited to see the way and had a fun time looking for their name.

I will be adding more to my classroom as the year goes on. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you.

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