Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes/Weekly Wrap-Up

We are back from the grandparents. We had a fun time at my parent's. The kids saw Frozen, used their gift cards at Barnes and Nobles and Target. We visited my grandfather in his assisted living home. I was happy to see him, knowing that he won't be here much longer. It's hard to leave when you know you may never see him alive again. He smiled at me and knew I was someone he knew, but sadly he didn't recognize me by name. It's hard to watch someone you love fall into the depths of dementia. He is 92 and has lived a full life. I pray he has a peaceful death. I know my grandmother is waiting for him.


We got stuck at the grandparent's house. The day we were supposed to leave the snow started falling. It was so windy. The snow blew around everywhere. With the snow came the frigid temperatures.
I love the snow on the ground, but much prefer to watch it from the inside of my warm cozy house.


We had fun during our visit, but unfortunately we caught the flu while up there. Lego Man came down with the day we left. He was adamant about going home, so he could have his own bed. He is such a generous child he shared it with me. This is one thing I wish he hadn't shared.
Thankfully, Princess P hasn't got it yet.


It amazes me with all the channels we have on TV, there is nothing on. Lego Man has been lounging on the couch and watching TV and a few movies. He has gotten bored with the TV. How can you have 100+ channels have still have nothing to veg out and watch on TV. It really makes you wonder why we pay for TV. I wish the TV executives would provide more wholesome entertainment.


I found a homeopathic flu relief medicine at the store called Kids Relief Flu Oral Solution.

I gave Lego Man some yesterday and he perked up a little and was playing with his action figures. I have never seen it before, but I am glad that it helps him feel better. I can't wait to to try their other products.


Princess P bought an American Girl doll hair book  with her gift card at the bookstore. She has been doing their hair since we got home. The poor thing is so bored since she has no one to play with.


The puppy keeps chasing the chickens. The day we got back, my hubby let the dog out forgetting the chickens were out in the back yard. Well, she got one. He came in upset saying one of the gold ones was dead. He asked me to go out and look to see which one. I said a quick prayer that she would still be alive.We headed outside and low and behold she popped up and squawked at us. 

She was letting us know she was very unhappy about her trip in the dog's mouth. 

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