Thursday, January 30, 2014

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round button chicken
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Flowers from when we were on vacation.
Just beautiful.
I was going through pictures to get printed when I saw these photos.
I took the photos to give me ideas for our own floor garden back home.

The bright colors and gorgeous arrangements make me long for spring and summer.
I long for warm breezes, the sun shining on my face, and the grass between my brightly colored toes.


This picture is an older one of our sweet puppy, but it shows her playing with her toys.
While up visiting my mom, she gave us a plastic shopping bag full of rubber dog toys her dogs didn't like.
Well, Hoover (her nickname since she eats everything in sight) found the bag on the dining room table.

She was so excited. She would take a toy out, play with it and then head back to get a new one.
She found a glove, a ball, french fries, a tire, and finally a football.
We moved the bag so she wouldn't get them all in one day.

She was a little disappointed with us after that.

Funny, but then again not that funny. With the frigid temps and all the sick people in the house, the animals have got a little restless. 
With boredom comes chaos. 
The cat taunts the dog.
Dog chases cat.
Cat goes flying through the air to avoid wild and crazy dog.

Mama's lamp gets broken. 
The phone crashes onto to the floor along with my alarm clock.

I guess they thought I needed a new lamp for my night stand.

I am so ready for Spring and the warm weather it brings!!


Sickies! We have had a house full of sick people the last few weeks.

I can't wait till we are all 100% better. 
I can get back to organizing, cleaning and yes taking down Christmas!

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  1. Wishing you beautiful rays of sunshine and hopefully sooner than later warm breezes! Have a great Friday!


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