Sunday, June 22, 2014

Answer Me This...swimsuits and dishes

1. When is the last time you got a  new bathing suit?

I actually bought a new one last year for our vacation to the Smoky Mountains. I got this one on clearance at Lands End.

I love this suit

I really like the blue and mint green. The matching skirt is so cute.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
On my cell phone it was my mom, but on the house phone is was some number from Mississippi..probably a telemarketer. I never answer the phone for numbers I don't know. I really, REALLY despise telemarketers. Even if you add you number to the DO NOT CALL list, they still do and they always call at the worst times. 

3. If you receive communion, do you receive in the hands or on the tongue?

Growing up I was taught to receive on the tongue. During my high school years I started receiving in the hands. I just started receiving again, after a year of not receiving because of being diagnosed with Celiacs. I currently receive in the hand just out of habit. I have been praying about it and am making the switch back to the tongue. 

4. Do you have a tattoo?

Nope, never. I never really liked them. I did almost get one, mainly because everyone else was getting one. I decided against a tattoo, but got my belly button pierced instead (which I no longer have).

5. How many dinner plates do you have in you house?

I have 12 of the Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose pattern. We bought these when we were engaged at the local outlet mall. The plates have lasted, but we are down to 3 matching bowls.

In my china cabinet, I have Noritake Rothschild 5-Piece Place Setting.
They were received as wedding gifts. We have 12 place settings. I will admit, we rarely use them. They look pretty in the cabinet though.

6.Do you have an accent?

Yes and no. It depends who I am talking to. When I moved here, some of my words still had a New York sound to them. Now I think I have a more southern sound, especially to northerners.

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  1. Oh my gosh, your AMT post!! What fun! I've been thinking of joining in with Kendra, and just never got to it. Enjoyed yours very much!

    Havea great day, friend!!

    1. Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  2. I like how your everyday and your fancy dishes kind of coordinate. If you were having a big dinner party they'd look nice together!

    1. I never noticed that before. I guess I'm just a floral loving girl.

  3. Your blog is so, so pretty. Your dishes are too, the same as my Mom's. My mother and I both have celiac as well. I hope you are able to receive a GF host, or just receive from the cup. I have a funny anecdote about gluten free communion in my answer to these questions.


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