Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Homeschool Mother's Journey/Weekly Wrap-Up~ Week 2

In our life this week......Not much! We've stayed at home most of the days enjoying the cooler temperatures. We did have a sick kitty, but he is doing much better. Back to his old self again. Therese has plat rehearsal again this week. She is working hard learning songs and dances. She is really enjoying herself. I can't wait tho see her in her fish costume twirling around the stage. I've been meaning to start sewing but I just haven't been motivated enough to get going. It means I would have to finish organizing my supplies. Maybe this weekend.

In our homeschool.....Therese's new math books came....yeah! Now we can get down to business, So far it has been going well. So far we are still on schedule. I've had to rearrange our schedule a bit since we seem to have a lot of things going on Friday afternoons. I'm thinking I'll need to rework the schedule so it's a 4 day school week with Friday being an easy day. Between co-op classes, field trips, and Mass, we just haven't been around much on Friday.

This Friday, we had our first field trip of the new school year. We went apple picking with some friends. We had a beautiful day for a picnic with friends. I took my camera but forgot to put the memory card in it.

What we are reading....All of us are still reading the same books as last week. I guess we are moving through them like turtles. We do need to go to the library soon to get some new books. I've been wanting to read more books our Catholic faith, so I may need to just order them. I guess I should make a list first. Any suggestions would be great!

What I am working on......I've gone through the kids clothes and now I need to take stock in what the need for winter. I know shoes is definitely on this must have list. Therese now has bigger feet than me. Where did my baby go?
I'm still trying to figure out what fabric I want to use for the 1930's farmer's wife quilt. I like too many. Hopefully, I can decide soon.
I've also created a few pages for my CCD class this Sunday. I am so excited to be sharing our beautiful faith with them. I have a very cute craft planned too. I'll share it later I promise.
For those of you who follow out CCM curriculum, I finally finished my blog post for Gamma Year from last year. I fell behind last year....sorry!  I plan to be more on top of sharing our journey through the Delta year this year. I am laready working on posts for the first two weeks.

What I am praying end to abortion, the holy souls in purgatory, our country, for the safety of police officers everywhere, and for all the Christians throughout the world being crucified.

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