Wednesday, February 15, 2017

E is for Educational Games~ Blogging through the Alphabet

We all have days when school just isn't working! The kids are complaining about doing their work, a child is sick, spring fever has hit, the winter boredom has set, or worse mama is sick.
What do you do on days like this?

You make learning fun, carefree, and easy!

When days are going south and it seems like nothing is going right, we turn to educational games to get our learning in. Here are a few of our favorite games we've discovered over the years.



Dino Tracks

Uncle Wiggly

Chutes and Ladders


Spelling/Language Skills




Story Cubes


Catan History: Settlers of America

Made for Trade


Geography Bingo

U.S.A Bingo

Learn US History!

Trivia Games

American Trivia Family Edition

The American Girls Game

and a few more games we enjoy!

Ticket to Ride





Go to the Head of the Class

So that's a just a sample of the games we enjoy. 
What educational games have you added to your school lessons?

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Joining in Blogging through the Alphabet! 
Join in on the fun.....

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