Thursday, March 30, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~ Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devils Tower in Wyoming is a national monument. It truly is an amazing geological structure. Out of nowhere, this huge tower appears. All around are rolling plains. It looks like it doesn't belong there, but there it is. A tower rising out of the earth. 

Devils Tower is a sacred place to many of the Native American tribes in the area. It's also called Mato Tipita or Bear Lodge. They have a beautiful legend as to how the tower was created.

We were lucky enough to hear the Legend from a from a young man. He did a wonderful job of retelling the legend from his ancestors.

Devils Tower rises 1267 feet above the Belle Fourche River. The site does have parks office where you can learn more about the history of Devils Tower.
The kids were able to get their passport stamped in the gift shop.

As we walk along the path, we noticed colorful ribbons tied to trees. We learned later that these were prayer ribbons and prayer cloths. They are beautiful and remind you how connected the Native American tribes are to this majestic tower. The cloths seemed to add a peacefulness to the area. You got lost in the beauty and sacredness of our land.

And for you more adventurous folks out there, you can actually climb devils tower. I think they are crazy, but to each his own. Many Native American tribes find climbing the tower disrespectful. They view this as sacred ground. It's a shame that we can not honor the wishes great tribes that were here before us. 

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  1. Fantastic post!
    We there last there in July 2012....what a site!
    << You have seen Close Encounters of the third Kind, right? :) >>

    Brings back lots of memories! Thx for sharing!


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