Thursday, March 9, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~ Needles Highway

Our next scenic drive was Needles Highway! 
Needles Highway is part of the Peter Norbeck Scenic Highway. As you travel this winding highway, you will meander through 14 miles of beautiful terrain. You will see granite spirals, drive through granite tunnels, all while surrounded by pine covered mountains. The spirals look like the cathedral spires.

We first entered the area by Sylvan Lake. It was stunning. The fog hanging over the lake added a sense of tranquility to the area. I would have loved to stay and sit awhile, but we had to get on the road.

Our morning was started off with the sky filled with fog. It added a certain mystery to this majestic area. You would suddenly see tall towers emerging through the layers of fog.

While traveling through Needles highway, you will pass few some tight spots. It doesn't look like the car will fit, but surprisingly it does. It's a tight fit.

Needle's Eye is an amazing spot. We stopped for a bit and climbed the surrounding rocks.
The views from the top were incredible. You definitely realize how small you are in the world God created.

After a few hours on the road, the fog lifted and we were greeted with a day filled with sunshine. We even saw a few Mountain goats. Mountain goats astound me. I can't imagine how they can climb and run along the mountain ledges. They are very agile animals. If we attempted what they do, we'd tumble to the bottom of the gorge.

and we finally saw Buffalo as we were leaving!

If you're ever in the area I recommend taking a ride on Needles Highway. 
You'll enjoy the slow drive through the towering rock formations.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! Gorgeous shots Monique! We've never been on the Needles Highway. I love these pictures. Sounds like an amazing trip!


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