Thursday, July 27, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~Mesa Falls

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Before we entered the Grand Tetons, we took a detour into Idaho. Idaho is beautiful! I'll be honest I wasn't expecting much (sorry, residents of Idaho), but the landscape is stunning. We saw beautiful farms, old farming building, luscious greenery, dust tornadoes, and we stumbled upon Mesa Falls. This place is gorgeous. I loved the historic cabin. I could live here all summer! Words can not describe the beauty this place offers.

Just put a rocking chair out on the porch and I'd be good to go. 
The setting is beautiful, peaceful, and serene.
A little slice of heaven here on earth.

A spectacular 10 foot story waterfall with a a rainbow!

This is truly a beautiful spot. It only as one thing against it....

A pole that measures 8 feet of snow is not my idea of fun! 
Too much snow for this mama.

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