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Review~ Coding for Kids from Simply Coding

Disclaimer~ I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Hello again, dear friends! Do you have student interested in learning how to code? If you do, you should check out Coding for Kids Annual Membership from Simply Coding.

What is Coding for Kids from Simply Coding?

Coding for Kids is an online coding program that is self-paced. This online, interactive curriculum teaches students how to code their own computer games, websites, and apps through the correct structure and environment. The curriculum does not use the drop and drag technique. Students will not be dropping pictures and codes into boxes until something finally appears on the screen. Students will learn by having fun. Students will play games that will teach them how to write their own code in a text editor and host their projects online. This is not a boring curriculum!

Coding for Kids from Simply Coding is geared for students age 11-18. A younger student may be able to work through the program, but the curriculum was written to appeal to students in this age range.

Students will need a PC computer or laptop with Windows or Mac. They will need 2GD RAM and 10 GB Free Hard Drive Space. Students cannot use iPads, Tablets, Cell Phones, and Chromebooks.

What is the goal of Simply Coding?

Build a student's confidence in coding
Provide students with interactive lessons and clear step-by-step instructions
Offer live chat support for students who needs it
Help students create their own online portfolio of their work

What Courses are Offered in Coding for Kids?

Coding for Kids offers 4 pathways for learning. 

Simply Coding
Intro to Websites
JavaScript Game Design
Minecraft Mods in Java
Python- Multi-Player Adventures
3D Game Designs
Responsive Websites
JavaScript- Tower Defense
Intro to Java
Phone Apps- Android
Virtual Reality

Simply Media
Digital Photography 1
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop CC: Part 1
Advanced Digital Photography: Shooting Outdoors
Advanced Digital Photography: Shooting Indoors
Advanced Digital Photography: Storytelling
Digital Videography 1
Camtasia Studio 8
Adobe Illustrator CC: Part 1
Adobe Premier CC: Part 1
Adobe InDesign CC: Part 1
Advanced Digital Photography: Special Topics

Simply Tech Essentials
Microsoft Excel- Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel- Advanced
Build Your Own Computer
Intro to Computing
Microsoft One Note
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Publisher
Intro to Google Applications
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Power Point

Simply Tech4Kids
Intro to Electronics
Intro to Programming: Scratch Part 1
Intro to Programming: Scratch Part 2
Blogging 4Kids
Google Applications 4Kids
Photography 4Kids: Part 1
Photography 4Kids: Part 2
Internet 4Kids
Tux Paint 4Kids
Keyboarding 4Kids
Animation 4Kids
Creating Your Own YouTube Channel

For this review, I received an annual membership. The annual membership does come with a 10-day free trial, so if you're undecided students can give the program a try and see what it's like. I was surprised by the variety of topics covered in this program. Students should easily be able to find a topic that interests them.

Each topic is divided into lessons. Within in each lesson are several modules to work through, After the student works through the modules, they will have a quiz to see what they have learned and remembered. The videos are short and well done. At the end of each lesson, the students will complete a test and add to their portfolio.

Coding for Kids is so much more than simple coding. The curriculum covers photography, coding, website building, apps, and so much more. Teens of all ages will find a topic they are interested in and easily work through the lessons. Simply Coding is a great way to prepare students for the computer world we live in!

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  1. Great review. It is so detailed on what it has to offer and the system requirements. Nice job.