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Review~ Dating, Courting, & Choosing a Mate... What Works?

Dating and Courting

In a month, I will have two teenagers in the house. It's hard to believe! As they've gotten older, I've started to think more about their adult futures. College, dating, marriage, etc. are just around the corner. When I was given the opportunity to review Dating, Courting, and Choosing a Mate...What Works? from Parenting Made Practical, I knew I needed to watch this informative DVD. I want to help my children navigate the world of boys, girls, and dating. I want to help them find the mate that God has chosen for them. Of course, I have no idea where to begin!

parenting made practical

Parenting Made Practical is a Christian company that focuses on helping parents raise their children in a Christian way. Their main goal is to guide, encourage, and equip parents with proper, yet practical, information to raise children that are obedient, responsible, respectful, and love God. This is not an easy task when the culture of society goes against that day in and day out.
The offer parents a wonderful selection of videos and books geared for parents with children of all ages.
Taming the Lecture Bug and Getting Your Kids to Think
Why Can't I Get My Kids to Behave
Navigating the Rapids of Parenting
What Every Child Should Know Along the Way
Whether you have preschoolers, elementary age children or teens Parenting Made Practical has a resource that can help you along the crazy, whirlwind journey of parenthood!

Dating, Courting & Choosing a Mate...What Works? DVD & Workbooks
For this review, we received a physical copy of the Dating, Courting, & Choosing a Mate... What Works? DVD and workbooks. 
The DVD is 108 minutes long and is broken up into two parts.
Session 1: Developing Your Dating Philosophy (50 minutes)
Session 2: How to Make It Work (58 minutes)

The workbook is a wonderful resource that compliments the DVD.  It takes the Sessions presented in the DVD and provides parents (and teens) with key notes. The diagrams used to demonstrate the key points are included. They are a great tool to teach your teen how to date "correctly." I feel the visuals help the lessons sink in and shows how things can work or get way out of control. 
The workbook follows the DVD and is broken up into two sections. The session 1 section in the workbook is smaller, but its main goal is to hit the key points in developing your dating philosophy. The Session Two section goes into much more detail. This is where your teen and you will learn how to make it all work. You work together with your teen to decide on what your dating ideas are and hopefully come to an agreement.

The very first decision for parents and teens to make is are they ready to date. How do they know they are ready? How do parents know? After that is decided, parents and teens will work through four areas to figure out what type of relationship they will have.

Find more about the person, but don't share too much until a balance of trust can be made

To be holy and pure before God, Keeping themselves pure until marriage

Do they share the same beliefs and faith
Are they spiritually compatible

Learn how they interact with friends and family
How do they behave in social settings and are they compatible

At the very end of the workbook are a few pages of testimonials from parents and young adults. These were great to read. It was nice seeing what other families thought, what they took away from the DVD and workbook. I think it's especially important for young teens to read testimonials for other teens, so that they can see they are not alone. When live in a society were dating is pushed on children younger and younger. Teens get too serious and too physical way too quickly. Our teens are bombarded with images every day that glorify the cultural way of dating. It's nice for them to hear from other teens who have given friendship dating a try.
How Did We Use Dating, Courting, & Choosing a Mate... What Works?
I watched the video along with both of my children. They are not yet dating but are getting to the age where they will start to want to. I felt the DVD provided us with a wealth of information that could help them (and me) along this important journey. I loved how Joey and Carla Link stressed that this should be a decision that is made with the teen. They have to be mature enough to talk about dating or they just are not ready. I also was impressed with them stressing that each child has to have his or her own plan. No child is alike, so no relationship will be alike. I loved it when they encouraged the teens to keep a list of traits that they find attractive in another person. By keeping track of these traits, it helps them narrow done what type of person they like. I remember dating quite a few guys that I had nothing in common, but that was normal for my friends and me. I wish I had seen this DVD when I was a teen. It would have saved a few broken hearts.
The idea of Friendship Dating presented by Joey and Carla is phenomenal. I love this term. I truly believe this is extremely important in today's society. We have become lost in the cultural world of dating and lost touch with finding someone that we can spend our lives growing old together. It's not about finding your soul mate, it's about finding a friend you love to go through all the ups and downs you face in life.

Michael enjoyed the humor of Joey. He laughed at the story of presenting his daughter's date with a resume to fill out. He admitted he lost track after that and then admitted his just not ready to date yet. 

Therese found the DVD filled with a lot of important facts. She agreed that most parents just joke about when they can start dating. Her daddy has joked around quite a bit about how she can't date until she's 30. She likes the idea of friendship dating and having a plan decided upon between her and us. She doesn't want us to pick her husband for her (not that I would) and we don't want her to go out blindly to pick out a husband. She also said she's not ready to date.

So, for now, we'll continue to talk about the good traits we find in others and then we'll come back to the dating when they are more ready!

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Review~ CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive

Cursive Curriculum

Both Michael and Therese already knew how to write in cursive, however they needed a little more practice to make their writing more legible. After working through a traditional cursive curriculum for three years, I knew we needed a different approach. I wanted them to feel more comfortable writing in cursive. When we were given the chance to review the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive from CursiveLogic, I knew this was just what we needed!

"True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those who move easiest have learned to dance." 

~Alexander Pope

CursiveLogic was founded by Linda Shrewsbury.  One day while volunteering with a literacy program she was asked by one of her students if she could help him learn how to write his name in cursive so he could sign his name. She knew this young gentleman didn't have the time (days, weeks, months) to practice. She was so touched by this young man that she set out to find a way to help him. She came up with a shorter, simpler way for students to master the art of cursive writing. As a fellow homeschool mom, she knew this new technique would make learning to write in cursive fun. It longer would be tedious and students would hopefully no longer get discouraged!

Cursive Logic New Edition
First, let me tell you that CursiveLogic is not your traditional cursive handwriting curriculum. Students will not work slowly through the alphabet one letter at a time. It won't take them months to form a simple word like dog and cat.
Cursive Logic Sample Page
CursiveLogic is a shaped-based approach. Students will learn to string together four letters that each share a common shape. For example, the very first lesson has students practice the orange oval letters.  They will learn how to form all the letters that have an oval shape. The best part of the lesson, I feel, is that students will immediately start to learn how to connect letters. This helps them know how to string letters together. It truly is an amazing way to teach. Students will see how letters can connect together and feel how the letters will just flow into to each other. It is kind of like an intricate dance. 
The system of teaching uses a multi-sensory approach to their lessons. Students will use color, shape, auditory, and verbal tools to learn the CursiveLogic technique.
Colors are used to introduce the various shapes.
As students form each shape and letter string, they will repeat a catch phrase to repeat. It's simply a description that students verbally say to help them learn the basic shape they are forming! Each color and shape have their own catch phrase. This is a great well to help the student learn the letter formations.
For this review, we received two products from CursiveLogic the  CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack
and The Art of Cursive.

The CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack includes one CursiveLogic workbook and access to the instructional webinar that carefully explains the patent-pending Cursive method step-by-step. The pack retails for $49.00

The CursiveLogic workbook is spiral bound. The spiral is at the top of the book making it easy to use for right-handed or left-handed students. Both my kids are right handed, but I grew up with a left-handed sister and I clearly remember her complaints about traditional notebooks. The spiral was always in the way. The book contains 112 pages. Students will work through the front of the book completely, then flip t over and continue to work through the rest of the book. It's simple to follow. Follow the blue page numbers and then follow the mauve.  The pages are a nice sturdy weight. They won't easily tear and fall out. The book also includes three pages that are laminated for more practice with a dry erase marker. 

The workbook addresses key points to help students create their very best handwriting. Students should be aware of their body position, their paper, and their pencil. The workbook goes over each point and helps the students learn the proper way to sit and hold their pencil and paper. 

Students will work through the four colors and shapes. Learning how to form all the letters in the alphabet and learning how to connect them. Once they complete all the lessons about the different shapes, students will then learn how to connect the different shapes together. Within the first week, students will be writing words in cursive!

Lesson will take students about 45-60 minutes to complete. My kids completed the lesson is about 35 minutes, but they had already had 3 years of cursive.

The Art of Cursive Logic
The Art of Cursive is an adult coloring book that combines coloring and writing cursive. The book offers the CursiveLogic handwriting method conveniently intertwined in a relaxing coloring book for adults. Older teens will enjoy this book after they have completed the CursiveLogic workbook. 

The Art of Cursive contains four brief lessons to help adults learn the CursiveLogic way. After completing these lessons, you can move on to coloring the beautifully detailed pictures. There are 27 stunning images to color! The paper in the book is fairly thick making gel pens and markers an ideal media to use. Of course, colored pencils can work just as well. Each picture has a quote on the opposite page to practice your handwriting skills. The book cost $15.95.
So What Did We Think of the CursiveLogic Quick-
Start Pack?
I loved it. Cursive comes from the Latin word cursivus which means running. I love that this quote was included in the book. Writing cursive has always seemed to be a faster, smoother way of writing to me. 
CursiveLogic is simple to follow. The kids could work through the program by themselves. Younger kids would need more supervision. The webinar was a great help for the kids to understand the whole technique being taught. They both said the lessons were not as boring as traditional cursive writing curriculum. The felt it moved at a better pace and thought it would encourage students to write a real word in the first week. They both remember learning one letter at a time and they both agreed it seemed like it took forever before they could write a word. 
Michael liked the program more than Therese. He rarely writes in cursive, so the technique worked for him. For him, it was like learning cursive all over gain. I'm hoping this will encourage him to write in cursive more and make his writing more legible!
Therese forms many of her letters in the traditional form we had already learned. She didn't like how some of the letters were formed with CursiveLogic. She has modified the letters to fit her needs. I have noticed an improvement in her neatness though. I'm not sure if it's the CursiveLogic technique or just the fact that we are reviewing cursive again. 
CursiveLogic has been extremely gracious and has offered a discount code to our readers. Right now, you can head on over to their website and purchase the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack with a 20% discount. Don't wait too long though. The discount expires on March 31, 2018!
Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount
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Review~ Magic Stix Washable Markers & Giveaway


Recently, the kids and I were given a fun item to review.... markers! Often reviews require the kids to study, read and work hard, but Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc. was all about creating some art! The kids were thrilled and excited to be working on a more creative review.

The Pencil Grip, Inc.
The Pencil Grip, Inc. offers families a variety of useful items. Parents and students can enjoy tempera paint sticks, pencils grips for improved writing, pencil sharpeners, scissors, and an enormous selection of office and school supplies. They even have a magnetic whiteboard erasure shaped like an apple! I just may have to get that for my religion education classroom.
Washable Markers

For this review, we received the 24 pack of Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc. The markers come in a sturdy, plastic carrying case. We loved the handle. It made moving the markers from room to room easy and hassle free. Since the case was a sturdy plastic, we didn't have to worry about the box falling apart like a few other marker brands. I wouldn't have to head out to the store to pick up a plastic pencil case to hold the markers. Each marker has its own slot and lock in place. For picky people like myself, the markers can stay in the order that they came. I love when my crayon, pens, and markers are organized in the colors of the rainbow.

Magic Stix Washable Markers
The variety of colors was impressive. They are bright, bold, and vibrant. You'll get a wonderful selection of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples. Of course, you're given the basics too. You'll find gray, brown, gold, and black. The markers color smoothly. I din't notice any little fuzzies being left behind, some markers do that and it frustrates the kids and I. They work great on paper and on poster board.

Washable Markers

The markers are washable. They do wash off your hands and tables fairly easy. Since my kids are older, we didn't get any stains on our clothes. I'm sure a few of the other crew members with younger children discovered whether or not the markers were washable when it comes to clothing.

Magic Stix Washable Markers

Magic Stix Washable Markers

I have to tell The Pencil Grip, Inc. claims the markers won't dry out for 7 days with the cap off. Seven whole days without the lid on. They guarantee this! I was a little skeptical. Every marker we've owned over the years dries out with no lid.  I, of course, wanted to put the markers to the test. I took a gold and left the cap off. Yes, on purpose! Each day, I went back and wrote with it. These markers are amazing! Not only did it not dry out, but the color stayed bright and vibrant. I have never seen anything like this before. They were amazed and Michael keeps wondering what is in the markers that make them not dry out. Even on day 20, the color was still strong. I have no idea how they do it, but this is impressive. Any mom with kids knows that lids never get clicked back on tightly. Over the years, I can't tell you how many markers we've thrown away from being dried out. I wish I would have known about these markers when my kids were little. It would have saved us quite a bit of money over the years.

Colorful markers

Now for the fun part! One lucky reader will be able to win a set of the 24  pack of Magic Stix Washable Markers of their very own! The Pencil Grip, Inc. has offered to send out a set of markers to one lucky reader! This giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

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Review~ American History with Drive Thru History

Drive Through History

Who wouldn't want to travel the world to see all the places we learn about in history? 
Well, now you have your chance, thanks to Dave Stotts and his Drive Thru History Adventures . Over the past few weeks we have had access to some great history videos and curriculum. It seemed like we were traveling around visiting all these amazing historical sites ourselves.

Drive Thru History Adventures
For this review, we received a one year subscription to the Drive Thru History Adventure. This online subscription includes videos, readings, illustrations & art, discussion questions, printable worksheets, and a section called dig deeper. 
There are two levels of subscription rates. 
Subscribers have the choice of a monthly rate ($12.99 a month) or a yearly rate ($124.99 for the year). 

Yearly subscription....$124.99
*3 Curriculum Choices
*Free 1 year subscription to Adventures TV

Monthly Subscription.....$12.99
*3 Curriculum Choices
*Free 1 year subscription to Adventures TV
and if you're not sure if Drive Thru History Adventures is right for your family you can sign up for a FREE 7 day trial subscription!

Drive Thru History Adventures

The Drive Thru History Adventures offers 3 curriculum courses. 

Bible History (18 weeks on the Gospels)
Ancient History (12 weeks on Ancient Greece, Rome, and Asia Minor)
American History (12 weeks on early American History)

The courses are geared for students ages 12 and up. Younger children (11 and under) can watch the videos with the family. They will enjoy the videos and hopefully pick up a few details along the way. The videos can give them a starting point and will hopefully give them some facts that they will remember when they study the topic in more depth when they are older. 

 High school students can dig deeper into the lesson by reading the source documents, expert papers, and short articles that are provided. Older students can do additional work by researching more about the topic presented in the lesson. They can also go into more depth when answering the essay questions provided. Students can work through each course one by one or they could do them all at once. It's truly up to the subscriber how they want to work through the courses. For example, you could easily do the Bible History course as a religion class and then use the Ancient History or American History as a history class. 
Drive Thru History Adventures
For this review, we were asked to focus on the American History course. Since Michael and Therese were already taking a Founding Fathers course with some fellow homeschool students, I felt that this course would be a wonderful addition to their class. I was hoping it would provide them with some additional information for their class and I was right. They were able to read the letter Christopher Columbus's letter to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella!
The American History course takes students on a 12 week journey through early American History. Students will learn about Christopher Columbus all the way up to the Constitution of the United States. 
There are 12 videos/episodes to view for this 12 week course.

Episode 1: The Discovery
Episode 2: Pilgrim Search for Freedom
Episode 3: Beginnings of Revolution
Episode 4: Whitefield & Boston's Freedom Trail
Episode 5: William Penn & Early Philadelphia 
Episode 6: Founding Fathers of Philadelphia
Episode 7: Fighters of the Revolution
Episode 8: Early Colonial Virginia 
Episode 9: Founding Fathers in Virginia
Episode 10: Revolution in New York
Episode 11: New York and the First President
Episode 12: New Jersey and Epilogue 
Drive Thru History Adventures
How Did We Use the American History course from Drive Thru History?

First off, we used this as an add-on to the kid's co-op class. We watched the videos together as a family. I had the kids read the additional materials provided. I loved how the videos provided the kids with more information and facts about how our great nation came to be. 
American History
Even the cat finds the videos entertaining
I printed out the discussion questions for both Micheal and Therese. I had them work on the questions independently (of course they did work together). Just a little FYI, there is an answer guide for parents or students to check their work. I had the kids turn in their pages to me, so that I could look over their answers.
American History
Even if you kids only watch the videos, they will get a ton of information! Dave Stotts is amazing. His energy and enthusiasm is a huge hit when studying history. Usually, I hear complaints about how history is boring. Well, with Dave Stotts, it is far from being boring, tedious, or a drag to learn. Even Therese finds history fascinating with Dave Stotts leading the journey. He provides lots of facts, interesting details (many you probably won't know), beautiful images, historical places to explore, and a few corny, but funny jokes along the way. I will admit a few of the jokes the kids may not get, but we parents will. 
Drive Thru History Adventures
As a homeschooling mama, who loves to plan out her own curriculum, I love the Drive Thru History Adventures! It allows me to still plan out my lessons, but use what the site already has. I can just add in the videos and worksheets were I see fit. If the kids are learning about the discovery of America, we can watch the video, complete the worksheets, and find out more abut Christopher Columbus from the articles provided. All this can be done while still completing the lessons I had planned out. Drive Thru History provides my kids with an added bonus to their learning. Plus it's fun and engaging. 

Drive Thru History Adventures
Included in our subscription to Drive Thru History was Adventures TV which can be streamed on Chromecast, Android phones & tablets, iPhones, iPads, and the PC. Just download the App and once you're subscribed with Drive Thru History, you can take the learning with you. Now your kids have no excuse on why they didn't get their history work done. They can watch their lesson while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, driving to practice, or heading out on errands!
Drive Thru History Adventures
Another fun feature of Drive Thru History is the private Facebook page you will have access to once you join! Here you can find other other members to talk with, ask questions, get updates, and hang out with Dave!
American History
*******Hot Deals******
Drive Thru History offers readers of the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine a special 20% off discount! Click on over, read a few articles, and check out page 19 for the special discount code.
Also right now, when you sign up for a yearly subscription to Drive Thru History, you will receive a free copy of The Gospels DVD set. Just head on over to their website and you'll find the discount code.

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