Monday, October 16, 2017

CCD Week 1 ~ Getting to Know You

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Our first class is always a little hectic. The kids have no idea who I am. They don't know the aids and a few of the kids don't know each other. This year, I am blessed with 16 little first graders! Thankfully I have 2 aids again this year.

On our first day, I always introduce myself first, my aids follow up with their introductions. After the class knows who we are, we have the kids go around and tell each other a little about themselves. I always suggest introducing themselves by stating their name, telling us a favorite color or animal, and something that makes them special. We get a lot of favorite animals and of course whatever sport they like to play.

This year, I found a wonderful coloring page "All About Me" for the kids to fill in. Once they were completed, we decorated the back of the door and wall with them. This was a great way to find out more about our new friends. We have a lot of little boys that want to be NBA players. We do have a little girl that wants to be a paleontologist this year! I have to admit that is the first time we have heard that profession. We have some odd favorite foods this year too....chilly dogs, broccoli, sloppy joes. I love seeing their personalities come to life.

Of course, I always go over the rules and expectations for our classroom room. I even created a fun little poster to help the kids remember.

At this point, we usually take a quick (or not so quick) bathroom break. At this time, the kids can use the restroom or get a drink at the water fountain.

Following, our break we take a tour of our classroom. I explain the theme, show them their prayer wall, explain our saint and virtue wall, the Apostles wall, our birthday wall, our small little altar, and any other sections we may have in the room. Finally, we go over the Good Deeds jar!

This year with so many kids, we rain of of time for a craft, but we did read a story about Noah and the Ark.

Stay tuned for next week!

Till Next Time,

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Travelings Thursdays~ Fort Mackinac

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Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

Today is our last day on the Island! We are touring Fort Mackinac.

Fort Mackinac was found in 1780 by the British during the American Revolution. It was built so that the British could control the Strait of Mackinac between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

American Revolution

In 1796, the Americans took over the fort which led to the first land engagement of the War of 1812. This battle was bloody and many lives were lost. The British gained back control of the fort. 

After the war, the fort was turned over to the Americans. 
The fort was officially controlled in 1895.
The fort now acts as a living museum for visitors to Mackinac Island.

The fort has 14 fully restored buildings to explore. Visitors will see soldiers milling about, period displays and furniture in the buildings, learn all about the fort, and learn more about American history.

As visitors walk through the fort, the will see the homes that the soldiers and their families lived in.
Touring the fort gives everyone a peek into what life was like for the families that live at the fort over the years.

They offer a wonderful kid's museum filled with tons of hands on learning. 

Next stop....home!
Our week long cross country journey has come to an end.
I will admit I am ready to sleep in my own bed!

Till Next Time,

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Noah's Ark Theme for CCD

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This year, the theme I picked for our classroom was Noah's Ark!

I decorated the door with blue wrapping paper, a brown Noah's ark, and a few animals for all the kids I have this year. I used a combination of butterflies, caterpillars, and fish. I had all these on hand already. For the rainbow and clouds, I used tissue paper. To create Noah's ark, I used plain old brown mailing paper. Simple, easy, and relatively low cost. This teacher is on a budget!

For our classroom, I decorated one whole wall with Noah's ark. For the water I used a heavy duty blue paper, I found in the teacher's section of our local Hobby Lobby. I created the rainbow using plastic table clothes. This part was a little tricky since we are not allowed to put holes in the walls. The plastic table clothes were not sticking with tape ( a little too slippery). So a friend suggested using pipe cleaners. I placed the pipe cleaners through my rainbow knots and then taped the pipe cleaners to the paper. Problem solved! I added a ark using the same brown mailing paper from the door. I created clouds by using poster board and glitter! Our quote on the board is "God Keeps His Promises!" The decorations are fairly simple, but the kids love the wall.

To complete the theme, I created our prayer wall. This is where we keep track of the prayers we are learning....the Our Father (The Lord's Prayer), the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, the Guardian Angel, and the Sign of the Cross. On this wall, every child has a boat with all 5 prayers listed. The children know which boat is theirs by the animals and the names on the animals. This year the boys are turtles while the girls are ladybugs. The ladybugs and turtles are free coloring pages I found online and colored. The boats I made out of brown construction paper.

I just love creating an environment where the kids love to come and visit!

Till Next Time,

Friday, October 6, 2017

Second Round of Blogging Through the Alphabet

That's right it's time for another round of Blogging Through the Alphabet!

Last time, I failed at getting through the alphabet. My goal this year is to gt through the whole alphabet. Want to join me? Well, here is all the important information!

This trip of Blogging Through the Alphabet is being hosted by 3 fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew members. They are Amanda at Hopkins Homeschool, Kristen at DoodleMom's Homeschooling Life, and DaLynn at Biblical Womenhood. I know these wonderful ladies are excited to be hosting this fun journey.

There are a few rules if you want to join in on the link up.......

Rules for Blogging Through the Alphabet

1. Each post must be family friendly. If the post is not, the ladies have the right to remove it.

2. When linking up to this post, you give the ladies permission to share your post and/or photo from your post in future posts and social media shares.

3. Place the Blog Button from the site onto the post you are sharing and linking up.

4. Use the hashtag #abcblogging when promoting your post. This will help everyone find you and help promote you as well.

5. If you have time, check out a few of the other posts. Leave a comment and share the love.

6. The most important rule the ladies have is to make sure you are having fun! Don't stress out over it. They want everyone to share some fun ideas that go along with the letters of the alphabet.

One more thing to know about the link up, the ladies are planning on taking off the week of Thanksgiving (11/23) and the week of Christmas (12/28). This is so we can all spend time with our families and not to worry about our blogs.

Do you want to join us? Next week, we will start with the letter A. The linky will be open from Thursday morning until Wednesday evening every week. 

Hope to see you there!

Till Next Time,

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~ Saint Anne's Catholic Church

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Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

We are still on Mackinac Island, but we are now visiting a beautiful Catholic church filled with rich history. 

Saint Anne's Catholic Church

Mackinac Island

Saint Anne's Catholic Church has a long history on the island. In the 1670's, Roman Catholicism came to the area through the arrival of Jesuit missionaries like Father Jacques Marquette and Father Claude Dablon. For over 300 years, the church has been providing services to the residence of Mackinac Island and the many visitors that grace its doorsteps.

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island

The church is filled with beautiful images of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.
The marble altar is breathtaking.

Traditional Catholic Churches

An image of Saint Anne, Mary, and Jesus is situated above the altar.

Saint Joseph

Th marble altar is flanked by two smaller altars with Joseph and Mary. 
The detail is a amazing. 
I love the way older, historical churches look.

Blessed Mother, Mary

Whenever I enter an older church, I am immediately reminded I am in God's house. 
It brings a sense of peace and comfort to me. 

After walking around the sanctuary, we headed downstairs into their hall.
Located in the basement of the church is a wonderful museum about the Catholic history of the Island. Visitors can explore the museum and find beautiful pieces of artwork and many Catholic artifacts discovered and preserved over the years.

Till Next Time,


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