Classically Catholic Memory

What is Classically Catholic Memory?

              A Catholic homeschool memory work program, classical in nature, that guides parents and children in mastering challenging and inspiring material in eight subjects: Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Timeline, Geography, and Great Words.
                                                                     ~Classically Catholic Memory Website

For more information, please visit the Classically Catholic Website.

We have been using the Classically Catholic program for 3 years now. We started with the Alpha year, continued on with the Beta year, and now are doing Gamma year. I have been meaning to write about the weekly lessons, but just never got around to it. My goal this year is to record what we do every two weeks. If I have time, I plan on going back and adding the Beta year too. Maybe I'll even get around to posting ideas for the Alpha year.

So stop by and check out what's new!

Our Classically Catholic Memory Schedule

Alpha & Beta Year
I didn't blog about our work at home, but please check out our co-op's blog to see what was done there.
Sancta Familia Homeschool Cooperative 

Gamma Year

Week 1                         Week 2                         Week 3

Week 4                         Week 5                         Week 6

Week 7                         Week 8                         Week 9

Week 10                       Week 11                      Week 12

Week 13                       Week 14                      Week 15

Week 16                       Week 17                      Week 18

Delta Year~ 

Delta Year                 Delta~ Latin

Week 1                      Week 2                           Week 3

Week 4                      Week 5                           Week 6

Week 7                      Week 8                           Week 9

Week 10                    Week 11                         Week 12

Week 13                    Week 14                         Week 15

Week 16                    Week 17                         Week 18


  1. Will you be blogging for Delta year too? Love what you've done with gamma.

    1. Yes, I'll be blogging about Delta year. I am trying to catch up on our work in Gamma year last year.


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