Hi there!

Welcome to my humble little blog!
I am a 30's something (shh...almost 40) mama of two wonderful, precious children here on earth.
Of course, I would say that, since I am there mama.
 I have a son, Lego Man and a daughter, Princess P. Our house is filled with dolls and guns. On any given day you will find the kiddos play house or army. I hear my sweet little girl telling her brother he is playing house WRONG all time. A little girl can only handle a bear attack so many times before she gets fed up....the life of a mom!
I am also a pet mom to an adorable black lab, 3 mischievous, demanding cats, and mama hen to 6 chickens known as "the girls".

I am a cradle Roman Catholic. Yes, I attended Catholic school, heck I even attended an All Women's Catholic college.
Before kids, I worked with clothes. I even designed and created a few wedding gowns! I was once a NYC city diva, but now I am a country chick all the way!

What do I do now?
I am homemaker...a domestic engineer.

What does that mean?
It means I do everything.I cook, clean, laundry, drive people here and there, and raise my little heathens...oh I mean saints!
On top of all that, I homeschool my two kiddos. I guess you can say I am a glutton for punishment.
I really do enjoy staying home with the kiddos and I love schooling them too. Of course like most homeschooling families, there are days I wonder what I was thinking.
I am trying to raise my children in our faith as best as I can. Some days I feel like I am failing! Other days, I feel like I have it all figured out, but then reality sets in.

We spend our days homeschooling, exploring the nature God has given us and trying to make sense out of this crazy world we live in.
We love learning through everyday lessons.  I am just a regular mom trying to figure life out while growing stronger in my faith.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Monique-
    I finished and pub the post on the HS Liebster award....Thank you again so very much!!

    I hope it's okay that I kind of "recycled" some of the answers from last time....I'm feeling so overwhelmed with housekeeping stuff and Hsing plus the kids; being ill off and on over the past week that I kinda had to. BUT I did want to accept the award and nominate others even though meeting all of the reqs would have taken me so long otherwise....

    Thanks Monique...
    Love your Pretty H, F, R also...Beautiful pics!


  2. "Trying to make sense of this crazy world we live in" -- Oh, how I get it! Some days are just tough.

    Thanks for linking up with the July Blog Challenge. I'm excited to journey together.

  3. Monique, Thanks for linking with us. It's nice getting to know you!

    1. Thanks for hosting! I'm hoping to make it through the challenge.



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