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Traveling Thursdays~ The Great Lakes

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We've left the west and are now in the Great Lakes region. 

We spent the night in Duluth, Minnesota and then headed out early in the morning to head to the Great Lakes! I was excited about this since I've never been here either! I love the water.

We crossed over into Wisconsin and stumbled upon the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.

They have a wonderful hands-on learning exhibit all about the heritage and communities found along Lake Superior. 

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Classcially Catholic Memory~ Delta Year Week 9

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Geography~ Africa

Source~ Wikipedia

We located all the countries on our CCM map and labeled them with the stickers. It's amazing that even at their age they want to argue on who goes first. Silly kids. I guess as long as they are eager to learn that is what matters.
The kids worked on their maps throughout the 2 weeks. I had them coloring the outline maps of the countries (if I could find them) and the countries flags.

Cape Verde Map Coloring Page
Cape Verde's Flag Coloring Page
Mauritania Flag and Map Coloring Page
Senegal Map Coloring Page
Senegal's Flag Coloring Page
Gambia Map Coloring Page
Gambia's Flag Coloring Page
Guinea-Bissau Map Coloring Page
Guinea-Bissau's Flag Coloring Page
Guinea Map Coloring Page
Guinea's Flag Coloring Page
Sierra Leone Map Coloring Page
Sierra Leone's Flag Coloring Page
Liberia Map Coloring Page
Liberia's Flag Coloring Page

History~ Inventions & the Industrial Revolution 

To help us learn about this time period, we used the History Through the Ages Time Travelers American History Study~ The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression in America.

Samuel Morse
Samuel Morse Website
Samuel Morse Coloring Page
Samuel Morse worksheet

Morse Code

A fun activity to do with the kids is to have them create their own message in Morse Code. My kids both wrote one and then swapped with each other to translate. After they did that, we went online and plugged it into the  Morse Code Translator and they were able to hear it.
FYI** make sure they space out their letters when they are writing them with dots and dashes. We had a problem with them being a little too jumbled together.

If you have time, the kids can make their own  telegraph.  We fell behind so we didn't get a chance to do this. It could be a fun extracurricular activity to do with the kids in the summer.

Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell coloring page
Alexander Graham Bell Lesson for K-3rd grade
Alexander Graham Bell Information
Can You Hear Me? project....

Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Edison coloring page
Thomas Edison Bio
Lesson # 1, Lesson # 2, Lesson # 3 for grades 6th-8th
Thomas Edison Museum 

The Wright Brothers-Kitty Hawk
The Kitty Hawk coloring page
The Wright Brothers Coloring Page 
The Wright Brothers Information
Wright Brothers Lesson Plan from the Air and Space Museum
Activities to go along with the Wright Brother Lessons
The Aircraft Parts of the Wright 1903 Flyer 
Create a diorama of the Wright 1903 flyer

Prayer- What is it?

Prayer is when we have our minds & hearts focused to God. There are all types of prayer. We can pray quietly, aloud, by our selves, with friends and family, and at Mass. Mass is the greatest prayer. A fun craft to do with kids is the Hands of Prayer craft from Look to Him and be Radiant.
Another fun idea for younger kids, is to create a door hanger that says they are praying and spending time with God. Of course, saying our nightly prayers is a great way to encourage children to pray everyday.


We are still learning the Gloria using our Chant Cd. I have to say we most down pat at this point.

Here's a friendly reminder on how we study Latin.

How we work through Latin......
Each day we listen to the hymn and sing along. By the end of the week, we have the section down. At least, we hope to have it. If not that's O.K. since we will continue to sing it the following weeks.
Having older children write out the prayer is a great way to help them memorize the words.
We have a Latin notebook. In the notebook, the kids each have a copy of the prayer to read over daily on their own. They add their loose leaf pages of the written parts of the prayer. By the end of the prayer, they will have copied the prayer down in full.

So for the O Salutaris....
Week 1~ copy the lines being learned for that week
Week 2~ copy the previous section, as well as, the new section being learned
Week 3~ copy the first 2 sections learned and add the section being learned for the week
Week 4~ copy the first 3 section and add the final section for a completed prayer

Process of Plant Growth
This week learned about the 3 processes needed for plant growth. They are Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Transpiration.
I found this website that explains it extremely well and it even has a video.

Multiplies of 10

These are the easy multiples to learn. For younger children, they can practice the multiples by counting dimes. Another fun idea would to have a bean bag toss and have them add the points. Label each bin 10 and they can practice some more.

Great Words~
The Gettysburg Address

We are still memorizing this speech given by President Lincoln.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year ~ Week 8

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We've been finished with Classically Catholic Memory for over a year now. I apologize with not getting the rest of the Delta year posted sooner. My goal is to get it all up on the blog over the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We enjoyed our years working through CCM. We'd still be using it if my kiddos hadn't aged out of it.

Geography~ Africa

Source~ Wikipedia

We located all the countries on our CCM map and labeled them with the stickers.
The kids worked on their maps/coloring pages throughout the 2 weeks. I had them coloring the outline maps of the countries and the countries flags.

Africa with Countries Coloring Page 
Africa without Countries Coloring Page
Libya Map Coloring Page
Libya's Flag Coloring Page
Tunisia Map Coloring Page
Tunisia's Flag Coloring Page
Algeria Map Coloring Page
Algeria's Flag Coloring Page
Morocco Map Coloring Page
Morocco's Flag Coloring Page
Canary Island Map Coloring Page
Canary Island's Flag Coloring Page

The Mass is the Same Sacrifice as the Sacrifice of the Cross 

After reading the Catechism, I went searching on the web for more information to help explain this to the kids. I found this wonderful explanation and this one.  They both helps explain how the Mass and the sacrifice on the Cross are the same but different.


We're still learning the Gloria. Click here to see what we use to study our Latin hymns and prayers.


First Reading of the Emancipation Proclomation of President Lincoln
Francis Bicknell Carpenter 

President Lincoln
President Lincoln Coloring Page
Lincoln coloring page with facts

Death of President Lincoln
Lincoln's Assignation for grades 5th-8th
Who Killed Lincoln? lesson plan with a fun finger print activity

Emancipation Proclamation
Emancipation Proclamation Commemorative Coloring Book....14 pages of information and coloring pages for the kids to color.
Images of the actual Emancipation Proclamation documents
Resource page for the Emancipation Proclamation

Reconstruction Period
Battle over Reconstruction lesson for older students
Educational games & activities about the reconstruction
Reconstruction Act of 1867

Parts of a Plant Cell
Plant Cell Poster
Label the Plant Cell 
Plant Cell coloring page
Plant and Animal Cell coloring page
Make a cell model
Make a Lego cell

Multiples of 9

Therese sings listens to the song and then practices the multiples of nine by using worksheets with the 9 times tables on them. Using multiplication flash cards would be a fun way to learn the too.

Great Words~
The Gettysburg Address

We are still working through this speech President Lincoln delivered on the Gettysburg battlefield.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Decorating my Classroom for CCD

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All Things Bright and Beautiful God Created Them All

Last year was my 6th year teaching first grade CCD at our local parish. Four years ago, our hall was built and we finally had our own classrooms.  I was thrilled because I could finally decorate the room for the kids. My first year I did sheep. My second year I did a fisherman theme with fish. Last year I did a creation theme for the classroom. The kids loved it!

I created a tree using brown mailing paper and green tissue paper. I printed out various animals that God created and had the kids help me add them to the picture.
We even had a snake.

It's hard to make out, but the owl in the tree was the favorite of all the kids.

Another section I add to our classroom is our prayer wall. Here each student received a bird with a bird's nest. The nest had the 5 prayers written on it that we would work on throughout the year.
Sign of the Cross
Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
Guardian Angel

As the kids learned their prayers, we checked them off, and when they had completed the prayers they received a special prize. The students who had learned all their prayers quickly eagerly helped the other students. Don't worry, we are not mean teachers, every student got a special prize. Even if a child hasn't learned all the prayers, they are still given their prize at the end of the year. 
Out of the 40 students I've had over the past 4 years, only a couple have struggled. Sadly, these tend to be the students who don't attend Mass. I'm always thrilled with what they do learn. 

Last year, I added a Twelve Apostles wall. The kids loved reading this wall and it helped them know who the apostles are, especially when we played our fishing for the apostles game.

Another cute idea, my assistant added to our classroom was the Good Deeds jar. Each week the kids tell us about a good need they performed. We write it down and add it to the jar. When all the kids have gone, we add some special glitter dust and sing a little song while we shake it up. The kids goal is to fill it up. Some years this is easy of we have tons of kids. We only had 7 kids last year, so they had to work especially hard to fill it up. 
I'm happy to report the did it!

Stay tuned for until next week when I share what my classroom theme is and what other great things I I've added to the room!

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up #2~ Almost a Month of School

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I can't believe we've been back to school for a month already. The time has been flying by too quickly. I will gladly report that we are currently on schedule. I better go kn knock on some word before something happens to derail our steady progress!
I hope you all have been well. Its been a crazy for weeks in the world. I pray that you are all safe and sound!

So what have we been doing in school......

The kids have been steadily working through their classes. They love our new English program! We stitched to Easy Grammar this year and it has been a wonderful change. In science, we are learning about habitats. We studied this before so this is a great review for the kids. They are currently working on creating a diorama for a habitat of their choice. Therese picked the ocean and Michael picked wetlands like the Everglades. We are taking a few weeks right now to study various Native American tribes. We have broken up our studies by the different regions the tribes lived in. The kids have been working on Latin not too happily though. Even though we've studied Latin before, it seems like they have lost all the information they had learned in the past. I feel like we are starting over. Prayers for this mama would be appreciated. Spelling....we HATE it. This year, we decided to give Rod and Staff spelling a try. It's just not working for us. I've already ordered spelling books from Seton as requested by Michael. 

What we've been up to......

We've had eye appointments (both kids no longer need glasses), dentist appointments (no cavities), working on setting up my classroom for CCD,  religious education classes started, and apple picking with our homeschool group. We've been trying to deep clean the house. We're about 1/3 way done. Next week, the kid have their first government class and Therese has her first Saint Zita's Home Ec club. It will be a busy week. 

What the kids are working on.....

They are cleaning their rooms. On top of that weekly chore, they are working on cleaning up the basement and going through their toys. Therese has decided she no longer needs her dolls out. So we are packing up her American Girl dolls. It's a bittersweet moment. I love the young lady she is becoming, but it's so hard to say goodbye to my little girl.

What I'm working on......

I finally got pictures developed of when we went to Disney World a few years.....9 years ago to be exact.  Now that I have the pictures developed, I will be working on a scrapbook for each kiddo. Better late than never!

Cinderella's Castle at Dusk

What I'm reading.....

Informational catalogs from various homeschool providers for high school. Michael will be officially in high school next year and I'm trying to figure it all out. I'm currently looking at Seton, Mother of Divine Grace, and Homeschool Connections. This is new territory and I'll admit I'm a little nervous about it. If any of you homeschooling mamas of high school students have any advice that would be great! Please share.

What the kids are reading......

A lot! Therese is reading Anne of Ingleside Book 6 of the Anne of Green Gables series for her leisure reading. For English, she is reading Tuck Everlasting and Michael is reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He's reading a Marvel's Comic for his leisure reading. The difference between boys and girls is quite funny.

For school, both kids are reading Sing Down the Moon and Macbeth. Shakespeare is new for us this year. So far, it's going rather well. We are use the Macbeth Study Guide from Progeny Press to help us.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew~ If You Were Me......from Carole P. Roman

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Ever since my kids were little, we've always enjoyed reading together. We'd curl up on the couch or the porch swing on our porch and read away. The kids would spend hours reading. We'd have to tell them to turn off the lights and go to bed! Recently, we were given the opportunity to review a wonderful collection of books from Carole P. Roman.
Carole P Roman Blog

Carole P. Roman is an award winning children's author that writes wonderful, educational books for children of all ages. Her books are a treat for the entire family! For this review, we received 2 books of our choice to read and tell you all about! In addition to the two books we requested, we received 3 bonus books. So here goes.....
The first two books we reviewed were part of the If You Were Me... historical series. The author has written a wonderful collection of books that are part of this series! Students can travel back in time to Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Elizabethan England, the American West, etc. These books would make a great base for a fun filled history study! The books are geared for students ages 8-15. They are filled with information! 

Books by Carole P Roman

Our first book is If You Were Me and Lived in... Renaissance Italy. This book was one of my top picks for this review. We were going to be studying this time period this year, but I changed my mind at the last minute. Even though, we decided not to dive into the Renaissance this year, we still enjoyed this book. 
If You Were Me and Lived in....Renaissance Italy is all about the Renaissance. I'm sure you figured that out all ready. The story takes place in Florence, Italy. Students are introduced to the city, what life would have been like, the arts  and sciences that flourished, favorite foods from that time, clothing, what their home may have been like, and so much more. A fun fact that kids might enjoy learning is that most young children didn't attend school. The story is filled with a ton of facts and provides students with lots of great information. 
After the story the book, the book has a 3 sections for students to learn more about the Renaissance time period. 
Renaissance Art....a brief summary of the art produced during this time period. A few pictures are even included for the students to look at.
Famous People from the Italian Renaissance....This section offers students a introduction to famous men and women that were important during the Renaissance time period in Italy. A few names you might recognize are Galileo, Michelangelo, and the Medici family. Twelve people are introduced with a brief summary. Choosing one of these 12 people would be a great way for students to learn more about that person and complete a biography report.
Glossary...This section contains definitions and pronunciations for words found in the book. This is great for younger students who may not be familiar with certain terms.
We all enjoy this book. The kids loved that a few of the pictures were actual photographs. The felt the drawings were a little too juvenile for older students. The both suggested a book with all this information but with all real pictures if the author wanted to appeal to children 11 and up. 
I think the drawing are cute, but they will appeal to a younger audience. The books do contain a lot of information, so older kids will get a wealth of information from reading them.  They would be a great read aloud for a family that is doing schooling together. 
The only mistake I found is in the glossary section. Under the Sistine Chapel, the definition states that  it is where the Pope lives. That's not quite accurate. Yes, the Sistine Chapel is located in one of the building where the Pope lives, but the Pope lives in Vatican City in an apartment located near Saint Peter's Basilica. The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museum and can be toured. It is absolutely breath taking!
Books by Carole P Roman

Our second book to review was If You Were Me and Lived in... Viking Europe. We picked this book too. Of course it no longer fit into our history study this year, but we dove right into the book. 
If You You Were Me and Lived....Viking Europe is also part of the historical series from Mrs. Roman. 
After the story, children can again learn some more about the Vikings. The book has 3 additional sections....
Norse Gods and Goddesses...Here children are introduced to 3 goddesses and 3 gods
Important Vikings in History...Here children will learn more about famous men and women who were Vikings. This would be a great way for older children to pick a person for another book report!
Glossary...This is the section filled with definitions and pronunciation of words from the book! This could be used if parents wanted to create a spelling list to go along with the lesson.
Again my children found the book filled with a wealth of knowledge however, they did find the drawings a little too young again. This books contained no actual pictures of Viking artifacts or land. 
I still think this series of books would be great for a family that is homeschooling all together. When a homeschooling family is learning history all together with multiple ages this book would a wonderful addition to the lessons. It would provide younger children with an introduction to the world of Vikings and older children will learn a few new things!
Books by Carole P Roman

Our third book to review was If You Were Me and Lived on....Mars. This book is part of the If You Were Me...Cultural Series. The Cultural series books are geared for children ages 4-8. The are filled with wonderful information and have cute drawings to go along with them.
If You Were Me and Lived on....Mars is a fact filled book all about Mars. Readers will learn about Mar's atmosphere, her moons, and what it would be like to live on Mars. This book would be great for a science class. At the end of the book, a glossary has been included for new words. Again this section offers a definition and the pronunciation. 
Therese felt that this books would be great for a large homeschooling family. An older child could easily read this book to a younger sibling. The younger child will be introduced to Mars, while the older child may pick up a few new facts about the name of its moons, Phobos and Deimos.
In fact, I think Carole P. Roman should start a series of science books and have kids explore different places to live. For example, If You Were Me and Lived in....the Rain forest, the Tundra, The Arctic, Under the Sea, and so on. Children could explore different planets and different habitats.

Books by Carole P Roman

One of our bonus books was this charming little tale for little girls called Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? This book is so cute! I wish Therese was little again! She would have loved this Princess book. I'm sure most of the little girl's out there. Therese was a pink wearing, twirling little girl that still loved to play in the dirt with her brother. This book is perfect for girls like that.
Little girls are princesses, but can be whatever they want!

I loved the ending of this book, You can be whatever you want, you can change your mind along the way, and don't let anyone limit your dreams. I especially love the part about when they grow up and get a job. I tell my kids this all the time...make sure you you work hard, enjoy your job, and you'll be happy!

This book is geared for little girls, about ages 2 and up. The story is simple and sweet. The drawings are adorable. I wish I had a little girl to read it too. If you have a little princess in your house, I recommend picking up this book.

Books by Carole P Roman

Our last book to review was an early chapter book called Oh Susannah: It's in the bag. This book is part of the Oh Susannah series. These books are geared for newer readers, ages 7-12. This is the newest series from the author. The books are early chapter books great for new readers who are now reading on their own.

Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag is about Susannah, a little girl in third grade. Poor Susannah is finding third grade to be a little harder than she thought. Homework is a huge problem! In this charming tale, children will learn how to deal with their problems. Should we stuff them away deep inside? Should we worry about them until we feel horrible? Should we talk them over with our parents? Should we stay do what's best for us or go along with the rest of the crowd? I won't tell you more, you'll have to read the book for yourself. This story is a great way to help children navigate the world around them. It offers wonderful advice and helps younger children figure out new problems they may be facing as they get older. 

Therese found the book a very easy read, but she is at the end of the suggested reading age. She did suggest adding pictures to it since it's an early chapter book. Most of the early chapter books she read back in the day had pictures and she enjoyed looking at them.  
Social Media Links:
Carole P. Roman Blog
Good Reads 

Want to learn more about the variety for books offered by Carole P. Roman? 
Stop by and read the other reviews. We all received a few books tor review. I kn ow you will find a book your child will love. I'm pretty sure you'll even find more than one. There's so many to choose from!
Oh Susannah, Bedtime Stories, Captain No Beard, If you were Me ... {Carole P. Roman Reviews}

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wordless Wednesday~ Fall Campfires

The leaves are changing, the weather has's the perfect time for a campfire!

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