Thursday, January 30, 2014

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round button chicken
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Flowers from when we were on vacation.
Just beautiful.
I was going through pictures to get printed when I saw these photos.
I took the photos to give me ideas for our own floor garden back home.

The bright colors and gorgeous arrangements make me long for spring and summer.
I long for warm breezes, the sun shining on my face, and the grass between my brightly colored toes.


This picture is an older one of our sweet puppy, but it shows her playing with her toys.
While up visiting my mom, she gave us a plastic shopping bag full of rubber dog toys her dogs didn't like.
Well, Hoover (her nickname since she eats everything in sight) found the bag on the dining room table.

She was so excited. She would take a toy out, play with it and then head back to get a new one.
She found a glove, a ball, french fries, a tire, and finally a football.
We moved the bag so she wouldn't get them all in one day.

She was a little disappointed with us after that.

Funny, but then again not that funny. With the frigid temps and all the sick people in the house, the animals have got a little restless. 
With boredom comes chaos. 
The cat taunts the dog.
Dog chases cat.
Cat goes flying through the air to avoid wild and crazy dog.

Mama's lamp gets broken. 
The phone crashes onto to the floor along with my alarm clock.

I guess they thought I needed a new lamp for my night stand.

I am so ready for Spring and the warm weather it brings!!


Sickies! We have had a house full of sick people the last few weeks.

I can't wait till we are all 100% better. 
I can get back to organizing, cleaning and yes taking down Christmas!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birds of Prey Matching Game

We have been studying Eagles and other birds of prey this past month. 

Turkey Vulture

American Kestrel

Last year, the kids really enjoyed our nature study of birds and asked for us to get back to it.
I added it to our lesson plans for the rest of the year.
While taking care of sick kids, I got online and created a fun matching game for my kids to play. I am hoping it will increase their knowledge of different birds of prey.
I made a few easy ones, but there are a few tricky ones too!
The different hawks and falcons can be a little challenging to non-birding folks.
But hey, you have to make it challenging to keep the kiddos interested sometimes!

All kids have to do is read the name cards.

Look through the photos...

and match up the birds with their correct names.

You can download your own copy for some fun learning!

Birds of Prey Name Cards
Birds of Prey Photo Cards
Answer Key

I would print the photos and name cards on card stock.
You could even laminate them for more durability.

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Even homeschoolers get sick days......

While the kids and I are fighting this horrible flu, we have taken  a few days off of "real" school.
So we stayed in  pj's all day, watched some TV, ate homemade gluten free chicken noodle soup (which was rather yummy for my first soup), and played a few games to pass the day away.
Of course we napped too. Rest is what will make us better.

So how did we do school?
Well, we skipped the formal lesson and had fun.

We watched a wonderful documentary about the Mountain Lion.

It was following a few female Mountain Lions to monitor their young. Over the past few years, they have noticed a decline in cubs surviving. It seems that the increase in bears and wolves in the area are killing the cubs. I feel bad for those poor mamas.

After our educational TV viewing, I did two loads of laundry and the dishes. I was rather proud of myself. Of course after all that work, I was tired. I did start our soup. I would love to share the recipe, but I just used a little but of this and a little bit of that. I am hoping I can duplicate it again and actual write the recipe down. I do know we used duck shaped gluten free pasta.

The kids thought it was normal pasta. I consider that a win for mama.

Once we finished lunch, we played a few games. The first game we played was Sequence States and Capitals.

This was a new game for us. I picked it up at our local thrift store for $3! I just love a bargain. I had the kids read their cards with the capital on it and then say the state it belonged to. This is a great game to help kids learn their states and capitals. I was surprised how well Lego Man knew his states and capitals. Fun while learning is always a good thing!

Our second game was Zooreka from Cranium. This has been a favorite of ours for a few years now.

This was purchased at Target a few years ago during their big toy clearance after the holidays. I think I payed less than $10 for it and I will say we have gotten our moneys worth. 
In this game, you work on building a zoo. If you have animal lovers, it's a fun game to play. It works kids counting skills and their trading skills. They have to have so many pieces of food, animals, and shelter to build a habitat. This provides good thinking skills. Princess P stocked piled her pieces until she had enough to buy all of her habitats. Even with 101 temp, she still won!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Moments of Grace

Hello friends!
I am linking up again with Jenny from Plain Grace

I am thankful for....
a sweet daughter that helps a mama out when she is sick with the flu
a healthy son
seeing my children growing up into wonderful, caring people
fresh eggs
a warm wood stove
a husband that takes care of his family
cherished visits with my grandfather

What I am praying for....
that we stay helthy for the rest of the winter
my grandfather as his body slowly shuts down
my mom, uncle, and aunt that they may find peace as their father grows weaker
warmer weather, I am over winter and it's frigid temperatures

What I am reading....
Why Can't I Get Better Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease by Richard Horowitz M.D.

Favorite quote right now....

What I am working on...
Getting back to cleaning and taking down the Christmas decorations. Being sick, then away, and sick again has delayed the cleaning process. It's hard to clean with all you want to do is sleep.


Sweet Puppy with her Christmas collar

Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes/Weekly Wrap-Up

We are back from the grandparents. We had a fun time at my parent's. The kids saw Frozen, used their gift cards at Barnes and Nobles and Target. We visited my grandfather in his assisted living home. I was happy to see him, knowing that he won't be here much longer. It's hard to leave when you know you may never see him alive again. He smiled at me and knew I was someone he knew, but sadly he didn't recognize me by name. It's hard to watch someone you love fall into the depths of dementia. He is 92 and has lived a full life. I pray he has a peaceful death. I know my grandmother is waiting for him.


We got stuck at the grandparent's house. The day we were supposed to leave the snow started falling. It was so windy. The snow blew around everywhere. With the snow came the frigid temperatures.
I love the snow on the ground, but much prefer to watch it from the inside of my warm cozy house.


We had fun during our visit, but unfortunately we caught the flu while up there. Lego Man came down with the day we left. He was adamant about going home, so he could have his own bed. He is such a generous child he shared it with me. This is one thing I wish he hadn't shared.
Thankfully, Princess P hasn't got it yet.


It amazes me with all the channels we have on TV, there is nothing on. Lego Man has been lounging on the couch and watching TV and a few movies. He has gotten bored with the TV. How can you have 100+ channels have still have nothing to veg out and watch on TV. It really makes you wonder why we pay for TV. I wish the TV executives would provide more wholesome entertainment.


I found a homeopathic flu relief medicine at the store called Kids Relief Flu Oral Solution.

I gave Lego Man some yesterday and he perked up a little and was playing with his action figures. I have never seen it before, but I am glad that it helps him feel better. I can't wait to to try their other products.


Princess P bought an American Girl doll hair book  with her gift card at the bookstore. She has been doing their hair since we got home. The poor thing is so bored since she has no one to play with.


The puppy keeps chasing the chickens. The day we got back, my hubby let the dog out forgetting the chickens were out in the back yard. Well, she got one. He came in upset saying one of the gold ones was dead. He asked me to go out and look to see which one. I said a quick prayer that she would still be alive.We headed outside and low and behold she popped up and squawked at us. 

She was letting us know she was very unhappy about her trip in the dog's mouth. 

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tiny Saints Review

Before school started, I purchased two Tiny Saints for the kids. I bought these two tiny saints so that they kids could hang them on their backpacks for co-op.

For Lego Man, I purchased Saint Francis of Assisi.

For Princess P, I got her favorite saint.....Saint Therese of Lisieux. 

They both were thrilled with their tiny saints. 
They immediately put them on their bags.
I love that they can show their faith and help others learn about these wonderful saints of our church.

You can check out all the saints they have to offer and pick out your children's favorite saints here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Sweets for American Girl Dolls

During the big arctic freeze, most of the US has been experiencing, Princess P and I made some more fun food for her dolls out of clay.
She was super excited to help.
She even suggested we make some to sell. We may just add it to the Etsy store I plan on opening this month.

We made eggs and bacon.

Cinnamon Rolls.

Red and pink valentine heart cookies with sprinkles.

Pink sandwich valentine cookies with a cream middle.

Animal crackers made by Princess P herself.

and we made some pink, white, and red lollipops just in time for Valentine's Day!

Here is Emily holding her new treat.

The food turned out cute and I had fun with my sweet little girl!
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