Friday, November 7, 2014

A Beautiful Day for a Field Trip

This past week, we had a wonderful time on a field trip with our Monday co-op. This year, we are studying the early explorers of America and the colonial life in America all the way through the War of 1812.

So we headed to the Frontier Culture Museum. It has a fabulous display of early American homes and homes from the "Old World." We toured the New World since we are currently learning about Jamestown and the early settlements in America.

We started out touring the Native American village. The kids were able to explore a Native American village. They stepped back in time and were able to see how a young Native American child would have lived.

They got to try their hand at carving out a canoe.

They ground up corn.

They were able to look at tanned hides, animal furs, and even played a few games that Native American children played.

From there, we went on to explore an early American farm from the 1740's. The children got to see a one room house. They learned about different types of crops the early settlers would have planted. They even got to help the young lady at the farm spread manure in her garden.

We left the 1700's and jumped forward into the future. We explored a farm from the 1820's.


Here the kids got to visit with some farm animals..chickens, sheep, pigs, a turkey, and a house cat to keep the mice away.

They learned how to cook on an open fire. The learned how to spin wool. 

They even helped with a few farm chores. They brought water to the house for washing.

The children visit a one room school and were taught by the school master. They had a handwriting lesson and a spelling lesson.

The kids had so much, but sadly we ran out of time. They all have asked to go back and see the "Old World" section. I see another field trip in the future. I'm thinking we will make it for the spring when we know the weather will be even more beautiful.

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