Thursday, November 20, 2014

Classically Catholic Memory~ Gamma Year Week 2

This week, we are learning the chief marks of the Church. I found a brief description of the Marks of the Church at Loyola Press. You can find an explanation for younger kids here. While researching online, I found a more in depth explanation at Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church website. You can find that here. It gives an explanation and sites bible verses and references the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
We did a fun craft for their religion notebooks called We are the Church from Look to Him and Be Radiant.

We prayed The Apostles Creed and talked about how we say the Chief marks of the Church every Sunday at Mass.

Update: I just found a wonderful lap book about the four marks of the church from Crusaders for Christ!

Of course we labeled the map. We actually did this last week. We have been  naming the continents and the oceans for the past two weeks.

We filled in the Name the Oceans Worksheet. Found here. We added the Southern Ocean to our learning.

At the end of the 4th week, I gave the kids a test to see if they could label and name all the continents and oceans.

Great Words~
We continued on with our learning the poem about Christopher Columbus.

At the beginning of the week, the kids write the new stanza into their copy work notebooks. We then repeat the poem twice each day. Both of them have been given a copy of the poem, so they can practice it at night or when they have free time. So far, Princess P is leading!

Counting by 3's! We just count by threes....I also have the kids count items by buttons, pennies, pretzels. It's a great way to reinforce multiplication.


We have continued to listen and learn the Salve Regina by using the Chant Kit Cd. We love the Gregorian chant and it really is easy for the kids to follow along. The monks sing low and clear. It has helped the kids pick up on the pronunciation. We sing all 4 lines about 5 times each day.

We learned about the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incas. We filled in our explorer note booking pages for Cortes, Coronado, and Ponce de Leon from Homeschool Share.  I created the page for Pizarro. You can find that sheet here.

We read Our Lady of Guadalupe by Tomie de Paola.

We colored a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Catholic Playground. You can read more about Our Lady and Juan Diego here. 
You can two more lesson ideas for Our Lady of Guadalupe here....

This week, we learned what an element was! We checked out a few books from our library to learn more about elements.


We created some elements using a kit from Hobby Lobby I got on clearance. Everyone loves a good deal!

Ammonia NH3

Methane CH4
I think they look like giraffes that are missing a leg.

Propane C3H8
One of the cats stole a hydrogen ball

and of course WATER!


Here is a similar set

or you can just use colored marshmallows or gumdrops with some toothpicks. I figured there was less chance of the kids eating the Styrofoam balls. Of course, we did lose some to this sweet little kitty.

~Till Next Time

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