Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Traveling Wise Men ~ Day 13, Day 14, Day 15, Day 16, Day 17

Day 13 
We found the Three Wise Men and Beth sitting on top of the ceiling fans blades.
Sorry I couldn't find the camera that day. Surprisingly the kids found them right away. I really thought it was a tricky spot, but I was wrong.

Days 14, 15, 16
Well the Three Wise Men got a little hung up for a few days.

It seemed like no one was going to find them. So for days 14, 15, and 16 they were stuck in garland hanging around the grandfather clock. Poor guys. 

Thankfully they were found and can return to their journey.

Day 17
Mama forgot to move them. Of course, this didn't stop Lego Man from tricking his sister into searching for them. He knew they hadn't been moved and "completely" forgot to let her in on that bit of information.

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