Monday, August 5, 2013

Our 2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum

This year, Princess P will be in 3rd grade and Lego Man is in 4th/5th grade.
Here is what the kids will be working on this year!

Following Mater Amabilis religion for Level 2
Faith and Life 4 Jesus Our Guide from CHC
Catechism~ Our Holy Faith book from Neuman Press

First Language Lessons Book 3
Teacher's Text and two student workbooks

Princess P Little Latin Readers Primer A Puella Romana 
Lego Man Little Latin Readers Primer B Britanni et Galli

Spelling and Phonics
McGuffey Eclectic Readers

Princess P My Catholic Speller Level B
Lego Man My Catholic Speller Level C
Writing Road to Reading 6th Rev Ed.: The Spalding Method for Teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading

IEW Geography Based Writing Lessons using the books by Holling C. Holling

CCM Maps
Holling C. Holling Geography Study Guide

Princess P Saxon Math 3
Lego Man Saxon Math 54  We are finishing up the book from last year.

Handwriting~ Cursive
Seton's Handwriting for Catholics 4

Classically Catholic Memory Beta Year
Earth Science and Astronomy
We will be following weeks in the book, but I will be adding on with free stuff I find on the web, crafts, projects, experiments, and books from the library.

Ancient History
Classically Catholic Memory Beta Year
Birth of Christ to the early 1500's
We will be following the CCM weeks. I will be supplementing with books about the time period and fun lessons and crafts.
Additional Resources:
The Old World and America
Story of the World Volume II
Write from Medieval History

American History

The Prairie Primer Binder-Lapbook Guide from Currclick

United States~ State Study
We will be working on our State Scrapbooks.

We will study an artist for 9 weeks. We will do a picture study, create artwork inspired by these artists and learn about their lives.

  • Paul Cezanne
  • George Seurat
  • Henri Rousseau
  • Vincent Van Gogh

Music History
We will study 3 composers over the 36 weeks. We will study them for 12 weeks each. The kids will be exposed to their musical compositions and learn about their lives.

  • Johann Strauss
  • Richard Wagner
  • Peter Tchaikovsky

Gregorian Chant~ The Chant Kit

Free Program from the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia

Both kids are joining 4-H this year. They are joining the Paws and Claws program , so they can show their sweet chickens next year at the fair.

Both will continue soccer with a home school soccer group that meets once a week.

Princess P will continue with her violin least that is my goal.

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