Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mountain Farm Museum Field Trip

Our Smoky Mountain vacation and field trips!
The Oconaluftee visitor center is located adjacent to the Mountain Farm museum. It has a wonderful display of everyday life of the people that settled in the smoky mountains. There were pictures of the families, their farms, and wonderful stories of their lives.
It allowed the kids to step back in time.
The kids were able to see toys kids played with. They learned about the chores the would be responsible for and they got to see what books they would have used in the one room schoolhouse. 
Princess P immediately recognized the books. They were the McGuffey Readers.

Princess P churning butter.

A display of everyday work clothes and your Sunday going to church clothes.
Some things just never change. We definitely have outfits that we save for church and nice events. A habit left over from my grandmother.

After exploring the museum, we headed down a shaded trail and entered the Mountain Farm museum. We were ready to go back in time and visit an old homestead. The kids were able to see how some of their relatives might have lived more than 100 years ago. The Mountain Farm museum is a wonderful collection of historic log buildings. The collection was gathered from various location in the Smoky Mountains and assembled together to form the tiny homestead. Some of the buildings included are a house, barn, spring house, apple house, blacksmith shop, smoke house, and a corn crib. There is also a working garden and animals. During the summer , the farm is an actually working farm with live demonstrations. They people milling about in period costumes too. Sadly, we visited when none of this was going on. 

A sweet little bird that follow us along the path. She hopped along the fence right next to us.

Taking a peak into the simple log house of the Davis family.

The Davis House. 
A log house made out of wood from the chestnut tree before the blight of the 1930's.

The barn.

Antique farm equipment. 

The hay loft in the barn.

A pig. The kids offered to feed her the cabbage and lettuce. I think she made them miss their sweet pig at home.

The Oconaluftee Creek.

Lego Man and Princess P playing in the creek.

So peaceful and beautiful. 
Who wouldn't want to live here?

After touring the indoor museum and the outdoor farm, you can head back into the visitors center and take a look around the gift shop.

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