Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CCM Beta Year~ Shields and Coat of Arms

During co-op this week, the children created a shield depicting their own coat-of-arms.

Knights had to understand the system of badges, called Heraldry.

Each knight had their own personal badge. These badges would help identify the contestants during the mock battles. They would also identify each other during real battles.
Knights would have these badges painted on their tunics, coats, shields, and armor. They would decorate their horses with their badges.

There were 5 basic colors that were used-- blue, red, black, green, and purple. Two metals, gold and silver, were used too. Various patterns would be used to decorate their shields. A variety of animals would be used, like elephants, lions, ermines, vairs, eagles, and serpents.

In art class, the kids were encouraged to create a coat of arms that describe them.
Princess P made a pink and blue shield with hearts and stars.

Lego Man created a Viking shield.

Coat-of-Arms were passed down from father to eldest son.
They became the family badge.

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