Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 Craft Supplies to Have on Hand for Creativity

I love inspiring my children to create various art pieces using a wide variety of media! Allowing children to create allows them to foster their imagination and I believe it helps build confidence. When a child is able to create they learn to trust their instincts. If a problem should arise they can analyze it and work through the problem. Here is my list of must haves for in the art room....

1. Paper
All types of paper should be available. Construction paper, drawing paper, watercolor paper, newsprint, tracing paper, etc. Having different sizes is helpful too. Smaller paper is easier to fill than larger sheets. Teaching  a child to fill the canvas is a lot easier when the paper is smaller. Scrapbooking paper comes in various sizes and patterns which are create for art projects.

2. Markers, Pens, and Pencils
It's fun to learn how to use different types of media. Markers come in all types of sizes, colors, and some even have fun tips that can be used as stamps. Pencils can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. Some can add a fine detail while other wider points can add wonderful shading effects. Charcoal is a great way to teach children to add light and darkness to a object by shading. Learning to draw with pen can be fun for older kids. The pens can come in a variety of tip points. A really fine point can a the tiniest detail while the a broad tip can add an important focal point.

3. Crayons
These are must for any household. It is the first tool most kids get to use. They come in so many colors and they have different sizes available for the youngest artist. You can even melt them to create rainbow crayons. Crayola even came out with a crayon maker. We save up the small crayon pieces, the ones that get broken off or are too small to use.

4. Colored Pencils
The selection in colored pencils is amazing. They have cheaper brands perfect for the younger artist starting out. As they get older you can invest in a set of more expensive set that can be blended. They come in a variety of colors and they even have glitter ones which Princess P loves.

5. Chalk
Regular school chalk, colored or white, can be fun to use. Kids can use it outside and inside for various art projects. My kids get a pack of chalk every year in their Easter basket. There also chalk pastels which are a great introduction to pastels. As they get older, you bring in oil pastels that can add a whole new dimension to a child's art work.

6. Pastels

Pastels are a wonderful way to teach kids how to blend and create an Impressionist piece of artwork. You can start out with chalk pastels and then move on to oil pastels. Crayola now makes an oil pastel that are geared to younger kids.

7. Paint and Paint Brushes
Paint! There are so many choices here. Washable, Tempera, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, etc. With younger kids, it's always great to start with a washable and non toxic paint. Once the kids are older, you can introduce them to Acrylic and oil paints. Each paint has a different texture. It changes the way the kids can paint with them. Acrylic will dry faster than oil. Experimenting with different brush sizes and shapes will allow for more creativity. There are fine tipped, broad tipped, fan, and sponge brushes. All of them can be used to create a wonderful painting. To introduce kids to painting have them watch a Bob Ross video on YouTube. It will leave them amazed!

8. Fabric, Ribbons, and Rope
Any type of fabric will do. Scraps from leftover projects, old t-shirts, towels, etc. Fabric can be used with a mixed media project like a collage.

Fabric can be woven together, sewn to make an animal or outfit, draped to create a beautiful visual effect. Fabric can also be used to teach kids how to draw. You can drape the fabric and have the kids work on recreating the folds and light of the fabric.The possibilities are endless.

9. Glue
Not all glue is the same. For younger kids, I would suggest a type that is non toxic. Types needed for various projects are Elmer's school glue, glue sticks, rubber cement, wood glue, fabric glue, etc. They even have a ribbon fray glue that will keep ribbons from fraying. This can be very important for a project made from ribbons.

10. Clay
Clay can be used to make models of buildings, animals, jewelry, mugs, etc. You can find clay in all types of colors. Some clay will be air drying while some will need to be baked. In the past, we have created canoes, gargoyles, hieroglyphics, mugs, and lots of animals. Princess P and myself have created play food for her dolls.

You can see what we did here and here.

And two to bonus supplies that can be fun.

11. Recycled Products from the House
Basically think garbage or anything you would put in the recycling bin. Plastic containers, glass, jars, twisty ties, lids, plastic silverware, different size packaging boxes, shoe boxes,cotton balls, q-tips ....the list in endless. We have a whole shelf devoted to this type of stuff in our pantry. Lego Man has created robots, cat houses, and forts out of regular household items.

12. Various Craft Supplies
If you head into any craft store, you will see an endless array of supplies that can be used for craft or art projects. Beads, Pipe Cleaners, Popsicle sticks, foam, felt, gems, pom poms, stickers, wax, flowers, ribbon, tissue paper, wood cutouts, buttons, and so much more.

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  1. I love this list and the possibilities for creativity are endless. Thank you for the post and list.


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