Monday, March 10, 2014

Our United States Scrapbook~ Maryland

                                                                         Source~ Wikipedia

This state was a fairly easy state to do, since this is the state I was born and raised in. My kids have been to Maryland multiple times visiting the grandparents!
Nothing beats Maryland crabs.... at least that is what they say.

Source~ Wikipedia

I personally don't eat them. Yup, I'm from Maryland and don't like seafood!

Lego Man's state pages for Maryland!

And her are Princess P's pages.

Here are some of the resources we used for our State Scrapbooks.

Map of Maryland Coloring Page

Blacked Eyed Susan Coloring Page


State Bird~ Baltimore Oriole

Maryland Stamp Coloring Page

State Flag Coloring Page

Maryland State Quarter coloring page

State Seal Coloring Pages
Side 1
Side 2

Maryland Crab Coloring Page

Maryland State Cat coloring page

Fun Worksheets about Maryland

We learned the Star Spangled Banner using the We Sing America CD.

Star Spangled Banner coloring page.

Recipes to Try

Maryland Crabcakes

Maryland Black Walnut Cake

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