Friday, April 25, 2014

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Spring has finely sprung here. The weather has been warm (except for today) and the colorful flowers have popped out covering the yard with beauty.

Mama Kitty is venturing outside now that the the temps have risen. She despises the cold, wet weather. She only heads outside if the breeze that enters the door when it's opened is warm. if it's too cold, she meows, turns around, and heads back onto her warm cozy spot on the couch.

We have been enjoying the weather! We have headed outside to do school a couple of the days. It has actually been warmer outside than in the house on a few days. 
Spring is my favorite season. The warm, gentle breeze and all the beautiful colors that blanket the land always fills me with hope and joy.


Happy 9th Birthday!!
Well, Princess P has a birthday! It's hard to believe my baby is 9. She shared her birthday this year with the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
So we celebrated Easter and then celebrated her birthday with cake.
This year she wanted a soccer theme cake and that is what she got.


Even though we have been enjoying the warm weather, Baby has not. Doesn't she look so relaxed in this photo? The poor thing still has her thick (very thick) winter coat. Lying out in the sun gets a little to hot, so she has taken to hiding out on the shade covered porch. The concrete stairs are cool and refreshing at least to this little fluff ball. 
The downside, she is now shedding like crazy!  

Chaos! and more Chaos! It's hard to function in a house when nothing is in it's place. Box springs in the foyer. Mattress in the hallway. Dressers in the dining room and hanging clothes draped over everything.
Painting can disrupt a house, but I know I will love the finished product. Our master bedroom has never been painted since we moved in. We chose a pale blue/grey with white trim. Anything will look better than the dirty beige color that everything in the house was painted when we moved in.

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