Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our State Scrapbook~ Vriginia

Virginia is home to beaches, rivers, valleys, and mountains!

Virginia is the 9th state to join the union.

Our Virginia scrapbook pages were done last year when we started this project. We started with Virginia since it was our state. The scrapbook pages are a not as detailed as they are now since the kids were younger and since it was our first state. We've learned a few things and changed a few things up.

State Flag Coloring Page
State Outline Map Coloring Page

Crayola has a fun coloring page that includes the flag, flower, fish, and state. Great for  younger kids!

State Bird~ The Cardinal

The State Butterfly~ The Swallowtail Butterfly

Dogwood Flower Coloring Page
Here is a great drawing of a dogwood flower. It would be a wonderful visual to help kids draw their own flower. A fantastic art project or perfect for a nature study.

Here are a few more coloring page ideas...

State Quarter Coloring Page

A Few of the Books We Used

Here are some fun recipes to try.....

Old Virginia Wassail Cider.... perfect for this time of year!

Williamsburg Cookies

Williamsburg Orange Cake

Of course you can't learn about Virginia without learning about some of our famous presidents.

Virginia is called the "Mother of Presidents." We have had 8 presidents come from this state.
You can visit Mount Vernon online and see the home of our first president George Washington!

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