Thursday, April 23, 2015

Traveling Thursday~ Discovery Museum

A few weeks ago, we joined another family for a fun homeschool event at a local children's museum. Every few months, the museum offers homeschoolers a half price day. My kids have been wanting to go check out the new museum for months now, so what better day than half price day.

Last year, the museum was lucky enough to be able to move into a much needed bigger space. The new building is 3 times the size of the old one. The kids now had 4 floor to explore! The top floor is outside and set up as the garden area.

On the first floor, the kids can explore levers and pulleys, ball tracks, and gears.

Dinosaurs! They could even dig in sand and pretend to be a paleontologist.

There was a maze the kids could climb in.

They even had a medical area. The kids were able to view x-rays, see what their heart rate was, learn about bones. They even had a real ambulance that the kids could explore. Thankfully only the lights worked.

After exploring the first floor, we headed up the stairs to see what the other floors had in store for us. They were able to explore a river water shed. They learned what animals would be found there.



They were able to play in a small watershed. There were even yellow rubber duckies for the younger kids to play with. 

I really like how the museum has various level of learning.They have activities geared to younger children and have fun activities available for older kids to do. It's great for families with kids of all ages. Even adults can get in on the fun.

The museum has exhibits dealing with science, nature, and history. The kids could explore a Native American village, play dress up, watch brook trout swim in a tank, package apples, and there was even a section devoted to inventions by Leonardo da Vinci. 

Hands-on learning is always the best way to learn!

Till next time, 

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