Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop~ Day 3~ Our Curriculum

A few weeks ago, I posted our curriculum. You can read about it here. Today, I'm going to share more about our curriculum and how we use it doing our homeschooling! Lesson planning is a big deal for me. I take a little bit from here and there to make up our curriculum for the year. Once I figure out what we will be studying for the upcoming year, I get down to work. 

First, I pick out the books and materials I want to use. 
Second, I start a simple outline. I break up our curriculum into 32-36 weeks. It depends on the subject. Once I have the schedule outline done, I get to work planning each week.

Here is what we cover each week.

The basic are covered every day. Religion, Latin, English, and Math are the basics in our house. Spelling, Geography, and Poetry are covered 4 days of the week. Science and U.S. History alternate during the week. Each one is covered 2 days. Friday is our fun day. We do art while listening to music. The other subjects covered are the things the kids want to learn about. This year, they wanted to learn more about trees and birds which is prefect for our nature study. We will continue our U.S. State study again this year.

Religion~ Faith and Life 6, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke, Baltimore Catechism, and Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year

English~ Voyages in English 5, Voyages in English 6, Editor in Chief, Diagramming Sentences, Catechism in Rhyme (handwriting)

Math~ Horizons Math 4, Saxon Math 65

Poetry~ The Harp and the Laurel Wreath, Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year

Geography~ Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year, Online Resources

U.S. History~ Classically Catholic Memory Delta Year, Pioneers and Patriots, History Study Time Travelers The Early 19th Century, History Study Time Travelers The Civil War

U.S. State Study~ Library, Online Resources, Notebooking Pages

Bird Study~ Memoria Press What's that Bird?, Peterson Field Guide Birds, Peterson Field Guide Color in book, All About Birds website

Art~ 9 week study of various artists.... George Seurat, John James Audubon, Georgia O'Keeffe, Grandma Moses 

            Music from the different time periods we will be covering in history   
                 ex. Civil War, Pioneer Days, War World I & War World II

Stop by and see what the other ladies are sharing!

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  1. May your year go well. :) good schedule.

  2. I like the balance of how many days each subject is covered. Thank you for linking up!


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