Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Present Ideas for Preteen Girls

Last week, I shared some Christmas present ideas for a young bird lover. I figured I would share a few of the ideas I found for Therese. It was strange this year, Michael was easier to shop for.....nature stuff, science projects, and Legos! Super easy. Therese was a little harder this year. She teetering between the world of a little girl and a young lady. The ages of 10-12 can be a difficult time. They want to grow up but then they don't. Leaving childhood behind can be a little scary.
So I tried to find a few fun ideas for her this year.

1. American Girl Craft Projects


There are so many to choose from that every young girl will find one she loves!

2. String Art


3. A Diary or Journal 

4. Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit & Accessories


5. Sanssouci

6. Lego Elves

7. Music Maker Lap Harp

8. American Girl School Set

9. Our Generation Kitchen Set for Dolls

10. Jewelry Making Kit

11. Cat Earring Holder

12. Cinderella DVD

13. Have Courage and Be Kind Necklace

14. Paris Poster

15. American Girl~ Mary Ellen

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