Friday, December 4, 2015

The Traveling Wisemen~ Days 1-4

Well, the journey has begun!
The kids wake up every morning and immediately try to find the Three Wisemen and Beth.
So where have they been?
What have they gotten themselves into?

Day 1

This day is always easy. 
I try to set the Three Wisemen and Beth the camel in the Advent wreath. 
This lets the kids know that the adventure has begun.

Day 2

Today, the Three Wisemen and Beth found themselves tangled up in some wild flowers.
Maybe they stopped for the night and decided to sleep here in the soft petals.

Beth was hanging out by the water so maybe she was storing up some water for their journey.

Day 3

They found themselves in the schoolroom on the book shelves.
Maybe they were trying to find a map to help them on their journey.

This was a a little challenging since we have too many books.
Can you have too many books?
I don't think so.

Day 4

Here they are gazing out at the sky.
Maybe they are searching for the star?

Be sure to stop by and see where there journey takes them.....

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