Thursday, November 10, 2016

Traveling Thursdays~ Our Cross Country Vacation

This past September, we went on a 3 week cross country vacation. 
Three weeks in a car!
We left the east coast and headed west to Yellowstone National Park. 
We traveled almost 6,000 miles! 
We just missed  the 6,000 mile mark by about 34 miles. 

So we........

traveled for 21 days
drove 5,966 miles
 and went through 17 states!

Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, 
Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, 
Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, 
Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, 
Wyoming, Nebraska, 
and Iowa.

That's a whole lot of time in the car......
It's way too much time in a small car!

So how did I help the kids pass the time when driving for hours?
A variety of ways!

We packed travel games.

Connect 4

Blokus to Go


I packed some fun activity pads for the kids to work on.

Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, Dots & Boxes, and more

and the good old stand-by Mad Libs.

Of course, the kids played Travel Bingo and the License Plate Game!
They were only missing 2 states....
Hawaii and Rhode Island.

I discovered some great printables online. I found everything I needed over at Edventures with Kids. 
They have 40 FREE printable road trip activities for kids.
They offer pages for kids of all ages. I printed out a few pages, lamented them and added the pages to the kids travel binders.

In their travel binders, I included notebooking pages for the National parks and monuments we would be visiting during our trek across the United States. I wanted the kids to have a way of writing down their memories from this amazing journey. I found all my notebooking pages at If you remember I reviewed this wonderful company a few months ago.

Stay tuned...over the next few weeks I'll be sharing all about our journey across the United States.
We went from 90 degree temps to 34 degrees. It got cold. We saw all types of terrain and lots of wildlife.

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