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Homeschool Crew Review~ Many Nations Once-a-Week Micro-Studies from Homeschool Legacy

Unit studies have always been a fun way to learn for my kids. Over the years, we have done unit studies about history, science, great literature, geography, etc. I was thrilled to learn that we had been selected to give the Many Nations Once-a-Week Micro-Study from Homeschool Legacy a try. After heading west this past fall and visiting numerous Native American reservations I thought this would be a fantastic unit study to do with the kids. We are also talking about the Native American tribes during history this year, so I thought this micro-unit study would be a wonderful starting point. 

Homeschool Legacy is a Christian company that offers families a huge selection of unit studies in a variety of subjects. They offer unit studies about birds, horses, Lewis and Clark, Early American Settlers, Native Americans, weather, and the forest. This is just a few of the options they have for families. The unit studies can be used for all grades 1st through 12th. This is perfect if your children do subjects together. I love being able to combine my children's classes together. You can use one unit study and have all your children learning about the same subject at the same time. Working together is easier for mom and perfect for kids to learn how to work together. I love seeing older sibling working with their younger siblings! 

So What is the Once-a-Week Micro-Study?

A Once-a-Week Micro-Study is geared for children in grades first through eighth. They are very similar to the Once-a-Week Unit Study from Homeschool Legacy, but provide a thorough explanation of the topic being covered in three 30 minute lessons each week. It basically is a more condensed unit study. It is filled with lots of great resources and information. The material is just covered in a shorter time period.

Unit studies

What is the Many Nations Once-a-Week Micro Study About?

Once a Week Unit study

I was selected to review the Many Nations Once-a-Week Micro-Studies. For this review, we received a link to download this unit study. The Many Nations unit study is $12.00 to download.
This unit study introduced my children to several Native American tribes that lived in our country long before the European white settlers came along. Over the four weeks, we learned about the different areas the tribes called home...the Northeast Woodlands, the Southeast, the Southwest, and the Plains. The unit study focused mostly on the great nations of the Iroquois, the Cherokee, the Navajo, and the Plains Native Americans. The unit study focused on the tribes way of life and the contributions that made to our nation.

Homeschooling History

The Unit study is broken up into 4 easy weeks.

Week 1: The Northeast Woodland Nations
Week 2: The Southeast Nations
Week 3: The Plains Nations
Week 4: The Southwest Nations

Once a Week Unit Study

Each week, the kids were introduced to the Native Americans that lived in the area. We located the area on the map and colored it in. I had the children label different tribes that would be found in that area. I also had them read a few books about the different tribes we had checked out from our local library. Being in the Northeast Woodland area, we were already familiar with many of the tribes from that region. We have even gone a few field trips in the past that had taught the kids about the tribes in our areas. We have a lot of towns, parks, rivers, and schools named after these great tribes. We even constructed a long house!

The weekly lessons had the kids learning geography, history, language, social studies, arts & crafts, and we read through Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell. We did this book as a read a loud together.

Unit Study Homeschooling History

While at my local craft store, I came across these tepee kits for the kids to make. They were perfect for week 3 when we talked about the Plains Indians.

Week 4 was Michael's favorite week. He loves the Native American tribes from Southwestern region of the United States. He is already asking for our next BIG vacation to be to the southwest so he can see where they lived. He tried to get us to go there this.

What We Thought of the Many Nations Unit Study?

We really enjoyed the Many Nations Once-a-Week Micro-Study. I checked out quite a few extra books on the different Native Americans tribes. I wanted the kids to dig a little deeper since this was part of our American History studies for this year.

American History

I loved week 3 when we learned more about the Native Americans in the Plains. We had visited a wonderful museum while heading west that featured an amazing section focused on the Plains Indians. Reading books about the wonderful exhibits we saw helped the kids learn more about these important tribes that helped shape America today. 


We learned more about the buffalo that we saw in fields while traveling. They are truly amazing animals. We saw them everywhere. It was like spotting deer out here on the east coast. 

American History

My only complaint about the Many Nations Micro-Study was it wasn't long enough! Homeschool Legacy does offer a longer unit study called Native America. 
I think we will be checking it out in a few weeks.

Native American Unit Study

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Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

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