Friday, December 23, 2016

Daybook Post~ Fourth Week of Avent

Outside my window~

Bare trees and downed limbs from the wind, but the temperature s a little warmer here right now. Last week it was in the single digits. This week it's a hot 36 degrees. It's sad when 36 degrees feels warm.

With the cold temperatures, I know have a little yellow chicken wearing a coat. This past fall she didn't get all of her feathers back, so she had a few bare spots. I couldn't let here freeze! What could I do? Make her a coat. She wasn't happy about it at first but now she doesn't mind at all. I'm happy she will be warm this winter.

What I am thankful for~

~our wood burning stove
~a warm house
~ a cup of hot tea
~heavy blankets to curl up with
~ a hubby that pulls the blanket up around me when he gets out of bed
~ twinkling Christmas lights

What I've been reading~

Nothing! We have been to busy with getting ready for Christmas....decorating, baking cookies, making new ornaments, wrapping gifts, and sending out Christmas cards. 

Our homeschool~

Last week Therese and Michael work sick on different days,so school was a little different. Whenever was feeling well did the basics, while the sick one rested. We started Christmas break this week. All subjects are done for now. The only subject you can say we are still doing is religion, but religion is just not a subject you learn. Our faith is something we live everyday.

My work is not yet done. I've been working ahead and getting the next semesters lessons lined up. When our Christmas break ends, we will be ready to get down to business!

What we are listening to~

Advent and Christmas music of course. I just love this time of year.

What I am praying for~

~ our country as a new president takes over
~ for people to respect human life and each other
~ my great aunt
~ the repose soul of my great uncle who passed away (He was 102!)
~ my family
~ our priests
~ safe travels for everyone I know who is traveling this Christmas season

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  1. I WISH I had a wood burning stove! We actually looked into installing one last year, into our existing gas fireplace, but the amount of space it would take would cause our already smaller living room to shrink even more. But I haven't given up on the idea!


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