Friday, March 3, 2017

G is for Gym Class~ Blogging Through the Alphabet

Welcome back to the weekly blogging through the alphabet. I'm finally caught up and on the right letter for the week. Yeah me!

So this week, I'm sharing our ideas for Gym class. Gym class can be pretty easy if you have a large family or if you're lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with other homeschooling families.
We're not lucky enough to have either one of those options. We've been blessed with only 2 children here on earth and we live in the country so no kids to hang out with.

So what do we do for gym class or just plain, old physical fitness?

When the kids were younger, they got plenty of exercise. They'd spend hours on their swing set trying to reach the sky. They'd pretend to pirates on a ship, adventurers on a safari, cowboys and Indians, pioneers, etc. The list was endless. They used their imagination and had a great time. They had plenty of trees to climb too.
 They enjoyed heading to the park and playing in the sandbox or climbing on the playground equipment. Some days that had friends to play with, other days it was just the two of them. They were full of energy.

Fast forward a few years.
We are now in the preteen years heading into the teen years. Playing is not what it used to be. I sure miss those days of watching them play.
So how do the kids get in their physical activity when they don't play sports or have other kids to play games with?
It can be a little tricky. Thankfully we have a wonderful homeschool co-op that has classes weekly. The kids end up playing tag or kick ball after science class each Wednesday, but once a week isn't enough though to stay healthy and happy. The rest of the time, the kids have to find other ways to stay active.

What do they like to do?
For outside fun, the kids will ride their bikes, play corn hole, play croquet or  bad-mitten. go for a hike through the woods, or walk to the mailbox. Michael will ride his dirt bike. I'm not sure how much that actually counts as physical activity. They'll practice their soccer skills, Michael will throw the football around with Dad, and challenge each other to a one on one basketball game. In the summer months, the kids will spend hours in the pool, weeding the garden, and picking all the yummy fruits and vegetables. Roller skating and riding a scooter can be fun too. We don't have any paved roads, so the kids can't exhort any energy with these toys.
A few other fun games we play are lawn darts, horseshoe throwing, and Frisbee. We just have to be careful with our frisbees since a certain dog likes to eat them. On windy days, the kids will fly thee kites.

When the weather is cold and yucky, we'll stay indoors. Gym class can be a little challenging. We are lucky enough to have table top tennis and an air hockey table in the basement. This can be fun to play, but definitely brings out the competitive streak in the kids. We'll use Wii sports to stay active in the winter months. You can work up a real sweat playing Just Dance. We only buy certain ones, since we are a monitor what the kids listen to. 
Now that the kids are older, they can use the Elliptical Machine and the Total Gym we have. We just got a punching bag to add to our exercise equipment. Exercising may not be as much fun as it was when they were younger but we still get it accomplished!

What are some your favorite ways to get your physical fitness in?

Till Next Time,

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  1. what in the word is corn hole? I've never heard of that game.

    1. It's two wooden planks with a hole in them. You throw bean bags filled with corn at the holes. You get points when you get the bean bag in the hole. Here's a link on hot to make your own...

  2. We love corn hole. Would like to start friday game nights. Wanna join? Let me know...

    1. That sounds like fun! Hope you guys have been doing well.


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