Friday, June 13, 2014

A Visit to Dutch Wonderland

While visiting my parents, we were able to head north to Pennsylvania and have fun at Dutch Wonderland. 

We had taken the kids awhile ago, when they were 4 and under, so they barely remembered it. In fact, I doubt they remembered it much at all, Princess P was only 1 the first time we went. A few things had changed and since they were a LOT bigger, they were able to ride the "big" kid rides.

We feed the fish as we walked over the floating bridge. These fish our huge!

They got to climb in a carriage and pretend to be Amish. There is a little display in the park about the Amish and you will see Amish on the back roads. They have such beautiful farms and I love how they take so much pride in their homes. The flowers are just breathtaking on their porches and in their yards. 

Bumper cars were a hit! Princess P was a little upset since she couldn't drive her own car. Last year in Dollywood, she was allowed to drive her own car. Different place, different rules. They had fun bumping into others. One little girl about Princess P's age just couldn't get the hang of it. She kept going around and around in the same spot. The only time she would move forward was if someone bumped her. She gave her mom and us a good laugh. I'm sure she was dizzy after the ride ended...poor thing.

We got to see the newly opened Exploration Island. The dinosaurs were cute and moved their heads and tails. Lego Man would have loved this when he was two and could name EVERY dinosaur. He liked looking at the dinosaurs, but sadly I think he is heading into being too "old" for somethings.

I think this is a great addition for little boys who LOVE dinosaurs! If you have a little man who is all about dinosaurs I would check it out!

The kids were tall enough for a roller coaster. They tried to ride one last year at Dollywood, but backed out at the last minute. The roller coaster at Dutch Wonderland is perfect for kids that are between adult rides and the kiddie rides. It's larger than a kiddie coaster but not too large that it scares them to death.
 They loved the coaster and rode it 6 times!

Maybe they will be adventurous the next time we head to a park and ride a bigger roller coaster.

They had fun and enjoyed themselves. Sadly, I think this was our last year there. They kids are just too tall for most of the rides. They must be getting those tall jeans from daddy! 


  1. WOw, looks like a ton of fun!

    Happy you enjoyed the trip! Sheesh...6 times! Fun!
    Enjoy your weekend!!

    1. They had a blast..I couldn't beleive they rode it 6 times!


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