Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Curriculum 2014- 2015

For 2014-2015, we are doing a combination of Classically Catholic Memory (CCM), Mother Of Divine Grace (MODG), and a little of my own stuff.
This year, I will have a 6th grader and a 4th grader! Yikes, how did that happen.

Sunday~ Church & CCD
Monday-Friday~ Review CCM Religion
Monday~ Friday- Saint of the Day
Monday~ CCM Gamma Year Religion at our Co-op
Tuesday~  Bible History: Of the Old and New Testaments by Father Ignatius Schuster
Wednesday~ Baltimore Catechism Book 2
Thursday~ Faith and Life Credo: I Believe Book 5
Friday~ Our Holy Faith Living Like Christ, In Christ Book 5

Monday~  English from the Roots Up Volume 2 at Co-op
Tuesday-Thursday~ First Language Lesson Level 4
Tuesday-Friday~ Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl

Monday-Friday~CCM Latin Prayers
Tuesday-Friday~Memoria Press Prima Latina

Princess P~ All About Spelling Level 3 and Level 4
Lego Man~ MODG- How to Create a Spelling Notebook

IEW U.S. History Based Writing Lessons Volume 1

Daily Journals
Seton's Handwriting for Catholic 4 (finishing up from last year)
Catechism in Rhyme from Crusaders for Christ

Monday-Friday~ CCM Gamma Year
Tuesday~ Catholic Geography Bee
Wednesday~ Catholic Geography Bee

Monday~ CCM Gamma Year
Wednesday~ CCM Gamma Year & Pioneers and Patriots
Friday~ CCM Gamma Year & Pioneers and Patriots
History will be a combination of CCM, Pioneers & Patriots, living books, and fun activities.

State Study
Tuesday & Thursday
We will continue with our United States Scrapbook.

Monday~ CCM at Co-op
Tuesday & Thursday~ CCM Gamma Year Chemistry and Physics
                                   Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry
                                   Real Science 4 Kids Physics

Monday~ Renaissance artists at co-op
Wednesday~ Renaissance inspired art project

Art History
Monday~ Renaissance artists at co-op
Wednesday~ Renaissance artist that art project is inspired from

Monday~ Gregorian Chant~ The Chant Kit
Tuesday~ Friday Music from Renaissance Composers

Nature Study

Tuesday-Friday~Free Program from the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia
We never got around to this last year, so we will do it this year.

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