Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Early Explorer Notebooking Pages

June Homeschool Round UP {Homeschool Collection}

While preparing the lessons for the first four weeks of our history this year, I realized I wanted a way for the kids to record some information about the explorers we would be studying. I went online in search of what I needed. I was able to find notebooking pages for some of the explorers, but not all.
I was able to find notebooking pages for most of the explorers over at Homeschool Share.
Unfortunately, they didn't have 7 of the explorers needed for the CCM weeks.

So what's a mom to do?
Create them herself!

I created the sheets to be similar to the ones I had found at Homeschool Share. I wanted the sheets to basically have the same information.

Here are the notebooking pages I created.

Samuel de Champlain

Robert de La Salle

Louis Joliet

Jacques Cartier

Francisco Pizarro

Henry Hudson

Father Marquette

I also created a Father Marquette Journaling page so the kids could write a brief summary of the book, Father Marquette and the Great Rivers.


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June Homeschool Round UP {Homeschool Collection}

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