Thursday, July 13, 2017

Traveling Thursdays~ Our Last Day in Yellowstone National Park

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I have to tell you Yellowstone is HUGE! Four days is not really long enough to see the entire park. There are so many places to explore. I feel like we had traveled everywhere in the park, but I know in reality we barely saw any of it. 

Today, we explored Yellowstone Lake. The lake is the largest lake in Yellowstone. It is 7732 feet above sea level, covers 136 square miles, and has 110 miles of shore line. We walked around some of the shore line, but it was rather windy there. It is amazing to see. I would never have thought a lake so large could be located in the park. 
We were going to have a picnic outside but it was too windy (too cold for this mama), so we ended up eating in the car. 
So far while exploring Yellowstone, we have seen mountains, lakes, streams, grasslands, prairies, forests and pine forest areas. We have seen so many different habitats during this trip. It was a wonderful way for the kids to see first hand the different biomes we studied last year.
After our trip around the lake we drove around taking in the beauty of the park. The diversity of plants, animals, and landscape is outstanding.

Yellowstone is beautiful. It's majestic. It's stunning. It truly is a place to see. There is nowhere in the United States you can see so many different terrains. 

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