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Review~ Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece 2019

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Mountain of Grace Homeschooling Review

After studying art in high school and college, I always knew I wanted to expose both my kids to the wonderful world of art. Over the years, we've tried a variety of resources. I was thrilled when we were given the opportunity to review the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece. 

This is our second review for Creating a Masterpiece. Two years ago, we reviewed the monthly plan from Creating a Masterpiece. Creating a Masterpiece is an online fine arts curriculum for students and parents of all ages. The lessons are led by Sharon Hofer. She's the mastermind behind this online art program. Her goal is help students of all ages explore their creativity, further their artistic abilities, and grow confident in their finished projects. The program provides students with step-by-step instruction through the online videos.

 Online Art Curriculum

Creating a Masterpiece offers students a variety of art resources and curriculum.

~Drawing Program~
Step by Step instructions on basic drawing skills

~Core Program~
Learn to create 24 works of art using different media
This is what reviewed earlier.

~Unlimited Access~
Access to all the videos on the site

~Art History Program~
Art history lessons with projects to complete 

Two series of books created by Sharon Hofer, Exploring the Art of Yesterday...To Create Art Today and Step by Step: Fine Art for Kids

Each program comes with multiple levels. Students of all skill sets can work through the programs at their own pace.

For this review, we received a one-year subscription to the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece. Subscriptions can be set up monthly or for the entire year. Monthly rates are $19.99. A yearly rate is $199.
The drawing program comes with 4 different levels.

Beginning Drawing
Drawing Level 1
Drawing Level 2
Drawing Level 3

Students will listen to 48 lessons and create 30 different projects . 
Cartoons, Animals, Flowers, Scenery, Buildings, etc.

Beginning Drawing

Students are introduced to 3 different types of drawing media...colored pencil, pencil, and charcoal.

Students will learn about various art techniques and terms. 
Project planning, value, shading, proportion, composition, highlighting, and many more.
With Sharon's step by step instruction, students will be on their way to becoming better at drawing and possibly becoming an accomplished artist.

Even if your child doesn't want to become an artist, drawing is an important skill to have. Anyone can learn to draw and it will benefit them in life. I know over the years it has helped me along the way. I've had to draw garden designs for my yard, costume designs for the plays Therese is in, Halloween costume ideas, our kitchen layout when we were remodeling, science experiments with the kids, pictures on the board when teaching at co-ops, religious education classes, and even my own kids. It truly does help to have the ability to draw when teaching. Kids will not have to ask what it is that you are drawing. Stick figures only go so far!

Since neither of Michael or Therese are amazing artists, we started with the Beginning drawing level.. Both will tell you that they suck at art. Their words, not mine. I've always encouraged them and told them "with practice you will improve, just like everything else in life."

Our first project was the cartoon giraffe! He's actually kind of cute.

Drawing Program

When you click on the lesson, everything you need is listed. A supply list is there and a few helpful hints to help aid your drawing lesson. 
The first thing we did was collect all the supplies we needed. White paper and drawing pencils.

We then watch the 4 videos. I loved how the lesson videos are broken up into sections. This helped with our internet connection. Since the videos were shorter they were able to down load easier and we had almost no freezing up. This made the lessons go on without a hitch!

Following the step by step instructions, we were able to create a fun cartoon giraffe.

If you're looking for a fun, yet thorough art program,  I can't recommend Creating a Masterpiece enough. Students will enjoy the lessons. They'll be able to follow the step by step instructions, and be on their way to becoming better artists. The variety of projects allows students to find something that will appeal to them. It really is a fantastic program! The entire program is cost effective and it really is like getting personalized art lessons in your home.

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