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Review~ The Easter Storybook

Disclosure~I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Mountain of Grace Homeschool Review

After Ash Wednesday, I have been reading ans sharing wonderful stories of Jesus's life with my adorable first grade religious education students.  
I have been sharing stories from The Easter Storybook from David C. Cook. I love sharing stories about Jesus and hi life with my students. It helps them see why our faith in God is so important.

David C. Cook

The Easter Storybook from David C. Cook is a collection of 40 stories that focus on Jesus's life. It's not  just a simple Easter storybook though. This fantastic book starts when Jesus is little and goes through his life. It includes stories when Jesus is in the temple as a child, his apostles, the last supper,  his crucifixion, and his appearances after he has risen from the dead. The 40 stories are fully illustrated in bright colors making them eye catching and appealing to young readers.  The books is geared for children ages 4-8, but the whole family can enjoy this beautiful book. 

Mountain of Grace Homeschooling Book Review

The book is broken up into 40 stories with the hope that one story will be read each day during the Lenten season. Each page includes the day, a reference to the Bible passage (you could have older kids search for the actual bible passage), a quote from the Bible, the story, and a few questions for discussion. On the opposite page is the colorful illustration to go along with the story.

The Bible passage and questions help families walk through their Lenten journey. As children read through the book, they will learn about Jesus. They will learn who He is, what He did during His life, and most importantly why His death and resurrection are so important. 

(I apologize for the lack of pictures of the inside of the book. The book is in my classroom and the we have been quarantined at home so I haven't been able to take any pictures)

~ How I Used The Easter Storybook~

For this review, I received a physical hardback copy of The Easter Storybook written by Laura Ritchie and illustrated by Ian Dale . The book is a larger book which is perfect for little hands and for sharing as a read aloud. It's  90+ pages long. The color illustrations are fantastic. 

Since my kiddos are older, I received this review to share with my first grade religious education class. They were the perfect age to share this book with. My plan was to share on story with them each Sunday during the Lenten season. Obviously since the book contains 40 stories, I knew I had to pick a few I wanted to cover. Of course, I wanted to include the important stories about the last supper, Jesus's death, etc. Unfortunately, our classes were canceled this Lenten season due to the virus roaming around. I was able to only share two stories with them. The children enjoyed the stories and they were just the right length to share in class. I usually try to find a short story to read to go along with our lesson. The stories in The Easter Storybook are perfect for that. The language is simple and easy for kids to understand. The stories are short and hold the children's attention.We all know we're lucky if we can keep them focused for 15 minutes at that age.

My plan next year is to work into class the various stories in the book into the lessons we are covering during the year...the Story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus and his disciples, the Parable of the Lost Son, etc.

~ What I Thought of The Easter Storybook~

Overall, I enjoyed the storybook. The stories are the perfect length for kids. The pictures were colorful and appealing to children. They were a simple addition to our Lenten lessons. 
As a Roman Catholic I didn't find anything that went against our teachings, like I have in other children's books. The only flaw in the book for Catholics was that Jesus's mother, Mary was missing. Mary was an important of our Lord's life. I feel that the author missed that. Mary wept at the feet of Jesus when he was crucified. 

If you're looking for a new book to add to your children's Easter books, I definitely recommend The Easter Story!

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