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Review~ Personal Finance Illustrated Homeschool Edition from PEM Life

Disclaimer~ I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

 Teaching our kids how to be responsible when it comes to their personal finance is a necessity in life. Too often young adults enter the world without understanding how important their financial knowledge it. I was thrilled when we were offered the opportunity to review Personal Finance Illustrated© Homeschool Edition from PEM Life

PEM Life provides thousands of professionals and students with the knowledge of financial concepts that positively impact their lives. They have decided to continue on with this mission by providing homeschool families with the Personal Finance Illustrated© Homeschool Edition. They believe that it is extremely important to bring these fundamental elements of financial efficiency to today's young adults. Practical financial understanding for the real world is what PEM Life strives for!
How many of us enter the world out on our own without knowing what we needed to know?

For this review, we received an online subscription with 6 months of access. Personal Finance Illustrated© Homeschool Edition is designed to be taught during a single semester and access to the materials is provided for 6 months. The course is $199 for the first students. Each additional student in the family is $99. All students will receive access to all the materials provided, including their own quizzes and assignments.

What is Personal Finance Illustrated© Homeschool Edition?

Personal Finance Illustrated© Homeschool Edition offers two versions, a standard version and a biblical based version. The core content of both versions is the same. The Biblically based version contains 3 extra units focusing on topics of work and finances from God's perspective. 
The course comes with a detailed road map. An instructor guide and lesson plans are provided to make teaching the course extremely easy! The resources provided allow flexibility for the homeschooling family.

The standard course contains 15 core units, while the Biblically based version contains 18.

Unit 1: Personal Economic Model
Unit 2: Time Value of Money
Unit 3: Lifetime Capital Potential
Unit 4: Opportunity Cost
Unit 5: The Tax Filter
Unit 6: Lifestyle Regulator
Unit 7: Temperament & Finances
Unit 8: The Importance of Protection
Unit 9: Debt- What It Is, What It Is Not
Unit 10: Pay Cash or Finance?
Unit 11: The Investment Tank
Unit 12: The Savings Tank
Unit 13: Access to capital
Unit 14: Qualified Plans
Unit 15: Mortgages, The Right Choice

Unit 16: Why Go to Work?
Unit 17: Principles of Work
Unit 18: The Dangers of Riches

The course finishes with a unit titles the PEM LIFE Principles.

Each unit contains an instructor guide, a video on the lesson, assignments, resources, quizzes, writing assignment, discussion topic, and a reflection/review section.

How We Used the Program?

First off, there are two ways this program can be used. The first way is for the parent to take on the role of the instructor. The PowerPoints, worksheets, note pages, and resources allow parents to teach the course, even if they have no financial background. Many of the resources can be printed out and stored in a binder for easy access.

The second way is to allow the student to work through the program on their own. They would watch the videos, complete the online assignments, and quizzes. All the resources the student would need are included in the course. The students would follow and work through the tabs in each unit. 

We worked through a few lessons but did fall behind. We've had a lot of issues going on at home and just couldn't keep up with our lessons. With their full course load, this class was a little difficult to stay on top of. It was like adding another math class to their already heavy course load. I would love an option to do this course during 2 semesters. Trying to complete it in 1 semester on top of all their other subjects is a little tough. It would be a great 1 semester course for a high school senior who uses this course for their main math class that year. I would love to see a suggested schedule for this course too. I think it would greatly help parents and students.

This is a rigorous course. I highly recommend printing out all the pdfs and creating your students a binder to keep everything in order. This will help them understand the topics being covered and will help them if they do not understand a concept.

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