Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quiet Time

It has been quiet here the past few days. Words just have not formed. With two children near the ages of the sweet angels of Connecticut, I have been at a loss for words.

Friday was a normal day for us. We did our chores and then headed to a Nutcracker party for Princess P with some of her friends. Lego Man tagged along. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon oblivious to the horror that was going on. We were enjoying the last few hours of innocence. We are not big news watchers, so we didn't see it on the news that night and our evening was spent with family time.

Saturday morning was a different story, My husband and I turned on the TV before the children woke up and were devastated at what we saw. No words can express what we were seeing and feeling.

As we watched the news, Monsignor Weiss was interviewed. He talked about his parishioners and what they were experiencing. The strength he showed was truly a gift from God. May God bless him and keep providing him with the grace to carry his congregation through this tragedy.

At one point during his interview, he talked about a little girl who had been excited about making her First Holy Communion this year. This hit me hard. Princess P is constantly talking about this big event that will be taking place in her life this Spring. I broke down crying and couldn't stop. It made it too real, too personal. I knew what that precious child was like. I had seen it in my own house. I had heard the sweet little giggles, the huge belly laughs, the shrieks of delight, and the soft sounds of whispers to stuff animal friends. I had seen huge smiles that spread from ear to ear, excitement from learning how to read, the pride from riding a two-wheeler, and the joy of life this young girl had. I had witnessed the first steps, the first words and the drama a little girl can bring. I have a house filled with pink bows, baby dolls, bracelets, beaded necklaces, and stuffed animals. I have dressed up my sweet little girl in dresses, ribbons and bows.

Six and seven are wonderful ages filled with so many new adventures. They are old enough to know what they like but too young to care about what others think. They are shy, outgoing, loud, and quiet depending on their mood.  They are wonderful gifts from God. Each one special in his or her own way. How do you let that go?

How do comprehend such destruction? How do comprehend the loss of 20 children? I don't think you truly can.

I pray daily for the parents and community that witnessed this tragedy. I pray for our country. I pray we never see such a devastating tragedy again.

I hold my children a little longer. I spend more time with my children. I spend more time in prayer asking God to help us. I tell my children I love them every moment I get.

If you would like to send a card of encouragement to the priests of Saint Rose of Lima Parish, you can send them to this address...
Monsignor Weiss

Father Luke Suarez

46 Church Hill Road

Newtown, CT 06470

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