Friday, April 19, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal/Weekly Wrap-Up

In my life this week.....busy, busy and busy. The past two weeks have been crazy. I did get to enjoy a Mom's Night Out with a few moms from our co-op. I have been elected to be a member of the curriculum committee for our co-op next year. My official title is Acting Director. Please say a prayer that I do as well as a job the last director did. I have been busy planning our last field trip for this year, our end of the year picnic, and trying to find a place to hold next year's classes. I am hoping our parish allows us to use the newly built hall. If you could say a prayer for us that would be wonderful! We have been having beautiful weather here and I have been able to hang the clothes out on the line. I love the smell of clothes fresh from the line. It reminds me of sunshine! Princess P turns eight this week, so I have been busy planning fun things for her day. I am making her cake, once she decides on the theme.
Her two birthday requests...a new bike and Saige.

Her grandpa took her bike shopping and she picked out a pink and blue bike. She is thrilled!

In our homeschool this week....We had a fun day at co-op on Monday. After classes, the kids headed outside to play while a few moms cleaned the building. The kids are enjoying the spring weather finally! We are studying Ancient Rome. I have a lot of fun ideas to go along with our lessons. My goal is to actually share them on the blog for others to enjoy. Hopefully things will slow done a bit. I highly doubt it since soccer has started. In science, we are learning about food chains, food webs, and animal habitats.

Something New and Exciting....Princess p had her eyes checked again and she now needs glasses. She is a little excited about it but it not happy about having to wear them all the time. I'm glad we finally figured out what was wrong with her eyes. Now I can understand why she had such a difficult time with reading. She picked purple frames!

What I am reading.....Nothing! I have been too busy.

What the kids are reading.....Princess P is reading the American Girl Molly series 

and Lego Man is reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

What I am working on.....Princess P's First Holy Communion Dress. We finally got the fabric this week, so I will be sewing that for the next few weeks. She picked out some beautiful lace! The ladies at the store want to see a picture of it when it's done. She is getting so excited about her special day. My only pet peeve...why do all little girls shoes have to have a heel! She's 8 not 18!!

What we are eating....We have been eating whole foods. Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, etc. Nothing  processed. We have found few recipes that are good but some of them have been YUCKY as the kids would say. This has helped my diet. Since December, I have lost 12 pounds. I would love to lose 15-20 more pounds.


  1. so good to see your posts again! I'm happy that you guys are feeling better and back in the swing!
    Congrats on your election...that sounds like a BIG job. yikes.
    we did so much in the way of co ops, defenders of the Faith, field trips, Theater group, for the first few years of HSing that I honestly was burnt out...( I was the one planning it along with two friends! ---sounds just like you!) But I went thru a periodof being super burnt out and I;m still kind of enjoying the rythm of not going out during the day any more for "learning" except for violin...I kind of broke off from it all...but you are making it sound like such fun...good luck finding a spot for the classes!
    AND I cannot wait to see pix of the dress!
    Have a fun with the party too..I love party planning too:)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Havea great weekend.

  2. My girls like the American Girl books, also. Another good source for books is They have the characters in their books are homeschoolers. So they're books by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. The site also has a book club that includes study guides.


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