Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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We had a beautiful day here weather wise. Temperatures were warm enough that we could be outside without a jacket! Sadly it didn't last long.
We sure did enjoy it while it was here. I am ready for spring.

The kids and I enjoyed a wonderful day outside. They played soccer, climbed trees, and played fetch with the dog.

I started raking all the leaves out of the flower beds and pulling the weeds that have already started to grow. 
How do weeds grow when it's cold outside? I wish my flowers were that hardy.
The kids helped me a little with the gardens.

We started making a garden for Mary. The area already has some daffodils blooming. 

Princess P wants to pick out some blue flowers that we can plant. 
We need a statue of Mary to place in our garden. 

I love this one.

We placed a cobblestone pathway through the garden. 
We are waiting for warmer weather that stays before we plant new flowers.


Easter Sunday was a filled with laughter and happiness.
The kids enjoyed there baskets.

They were excited to receive their sacrifice beads from Holy Heroes.
They have attached them to their clothes almost everyday since Easter.
As you can tell from the picture even the dog and cats get a little present from the Easter Bunny.

We had rain on Easter Sunday, so the kids had to do their Easter egg hunt indoors.
We found some really good hiding spots.


Soccer practice started this week for Lego Man and Princess P. Of course, the temperatures had to dip back into the low forties for these practices. It was FREEZING standing outside for an hour. 
The cold temps are not funny, but our dogs antics were. While we were at practice somehow our Border Collie stole a box of vanilla wafers off the counter. 

The box was half full. He LOVES this cookies. When the kids eat them, he sits down in front of them and gives them his most pitiful face.

Does he look like a guilty dog? When Lego Man found the box and asked him if he ate them. He did have the decency to hang his head down in shame.


Two weekends ago, we went out of town for a home school event and to spend time as a family. When we returned home Lego Man got Pink eye. Well thanks to his wonderful sharing, I got pink eye from him. I woke Easter Sunday with my eyes red, puffy, and swollen. Sadly, I was not able to attend Mass. I was disappointed to say the least. The pink has gone away but now Lego Man and I both have a stuffy nose. I have a sore throat and a severe headache but thankfully he doesn't. I have a feeling our spring allergies are to blame for all this hoopla.
I am so thankful for the my hubby and kids. The brighten up my days even when I feel like crap.

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  1. I like vanilla wafers too. So sorry about the pink eye, March always brings some kind of health surprise for us. God bless and happy Easter!!

  2. Pink eye and headaches and sniffles don't sound like fun. I hope you all get to feeling all better soon!

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  3. I love your daffodils. We only got 1 blossom out of ours so far this spring. Your bunch is so cheery!


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