Thursday, April 4, 2013

Virginia Museum of the Civil War Fieldtrip

Recently , we had the opportunity to attend the Homeschool days at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War.

Homeschool Day offers hands-on learning for all ages. You can join the Confederate Army and learn how to drill, try dancing the Virginia Reel, enjoy 19th century games and crafts, watch the Emmy-award winning film, Field of Lost Shoes, take a guided tour of the battlefield, learn 19th century food ways, visit a one room school house, and so much more.

This is the sixth year that museum has put on this wonderful activity.

Our day started out a little chilly, but warmed up to a pleasant day.

We participated in all the activities the museum put on.

We started our day off with a guided tour.

We learned a few drills and learned to keep up with the fast pace.
The kids did a wonderful keeping up. I had a little trouble paying attention. There were a couple of times I had to ask my hubby what were supposed to be doing. I guess there was a reason while I never wanted to join the military.

We visited the museum that has a wonderful display of the Civil War. They do have a special emphasis on the battles in Virginia. They feature the 1864 Battle of New Market. This battle is important because of the participation of the young men from the Virginia Military Institute.

Outside, we got to visit the Bushong's Farm.

The current home was built in 1825.
During the battle of New Market, the family hid in the cellar.
After the battle, the house became a field hospital.

After visiting the museum and farm, we walked around and visited the different hands-on learning stops.
We visited a kitchen.
We stopped by a saw a lady spinning yarn on her spinning wheel.

We stopped by the one room schoolhouse and received a lesson using the McGuffey Readers.

The kids were thankful that they now have paper to use.

We visited the local blacksmith and watched them make a trivet for the ladies in the cook house.

They played a few games and did a few crafts.

Princess P playing Graces. 

The kids then signed up for the army.
They passed their medical exam. The had 1 top tooth and 1 bottom tooth. This is very important because you needed to be able to rip the paper of your gun powder.

The got to see there sleeping quarters.

There food rations. This was why so many soldiers "borrowed" food from the farms and tons they passed through.

Training for battle.

We had a wonderful time at the museum. The staff was wonderful and fully engaged the children.
If your in the area or planning on visiting Virginia this summer, stop on by.
Better yet what and check out the Homeschool Day next year.
It's held in March each year.

You can find out more information at their website.


  1. Great photos of the hands-on activities. I love when places like these host "homeschool days." So many awesome opportunities to experience pieces of history!

  2. Looks absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great field trip. Thanks for sharing on HammockTracks.


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