Monday, May 4, 2015

A Parisian Birthday Party

Bonjour, Bienvenue a Paris!

We celebrated Princess P's 10th birthday! It's hard to believe my baby is 10.
Since we don't do "friends" parties very often, we make a big deal with the parties we do invite friends for.

Princess P decided early on that she wanted a Paris themed party. We immediately got to work finding our goodies for party supplies, decorations, and the cake!
The colors she picked were pink, white, and black. 

She decided on a cake with pink rosettes and an Eiffel Tower. 

Since her cake was gluten free, we decided to bake some regular cupcakes for her guests.

We decorated them with pink frosting and added little Eiffel Tower charms I found on Amazon. Each girl was able to take home her charm.For the extra cupcakes, we just added pink sixlets.

For fun, the girls played a few games. 

Find the Pink Poodles!

The girls had to search the house for pink poodles. I hid 14 poodles through out the house. The girl who found all the poodles won. Of course some were easy, while a few were rather tricky.
A Parisian Scavenger Hunt

This was like any other scavenger hunt except all the items were Parisian inspired. 
The girls searched the house for.....
fromage (cheese)
un baguette (bread), 
Notre Dame, Saint Bernadette, 
le papillon (butterfly), 
pink poodle, 
the Mona Lisa,
Eiffel Tower, 
the words Merci and Bonjour, 
pink roses, 
a little french girl, 
a dress form, 
and bisous (kisses). 
They decorated black berets or at least they were supposed to. Most of the girls had already left by the time we remembered about this fun project.

To thank her friends for coming, we gave each girl a goodie bag. We bought pink bags at the dollar store and decorated them with the Eiffel Tower. Inside the back, the girls found a journal, a feather pen, pink Paris pencils, a pink gemmed compact mirrors, lip gloss, pink nail polish, pink bubbles, and some candy. We were lucky enough to find most of the items at the dollar store.

Everyone had a wonderful time and Princess P loved her party!

Till next time,

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  1. Absolutely wonderful, Monique~~

    Super mom, super party!!!

    Happy bday to your sweetie!

    1. Thanks Chris! She loved and enjoyed the day with her friends.

  2. What a super fun party! So girly! You did a fantastic job pulling it all together. Happy birthday to your sweet heart!


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