Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Classically Catholic Memory Gamma Year~ Week 8

We labeled our map and the kids worked on their coloring pages. They colored in each state and labeled the capital for each one.
Here is is the link to the site we used for our state coloring pages.

Corporal Works of Mercy

We did the lesson plan I found online from Our Lady of Lourdes. It can be found here.
The kids did a fill in the blank I created.

They also worked on a word search that I created at A to Z Teacher Stuff.

For younger kids, you can find a Corporal Works of Mercy Coloring page from


Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus
We are singing along with the monks.
I can't tell you enough how much we love this Cd.


To learn more about Absolute Monarchs you can have fun doing the Exploring the Absolute Monarchs Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning. If your kids like to do lapbooks, this one is great for grades 1-4.
Here is a wonderful site for kids to learn all about the Absolute Monarchs.

Coloring page of the gardens at Versailles.
King Louis XIV coloring page.
Here are two sun crafts to do that are inspired by King Louis XIV who was known as the Sun King. Craft for younger kids
Craft for older kids

We checked out a book from the library called The King's Day Louis XIV of France by Aliki.

Here are some fun Russian coloring pages for younger children. For older children, here are some a Russian notebooking pages I found online to use for their note taking.
You can have them write down something they have learned or create a story to go along with the picture.
We rented a Time Warp Trio DVD from the library called What's So Great Abut Peter? If your local library doesn't have a copy. You can find the series on youtube.


There is even a lesson guide to go along with the program. It can be found here.


We just recited the multiples of nine. I have found this helps with them retaining their multiplication facts better.

Science~ Different Forms of Matter

We checked out a few books from the library and read up on matter. We investigated our house and looked around for various forms of matter.

We did a few worksheets I found online.
Why Does Matter Matter?
What's the Matter?
Reading Comprehension Worksheet on Matter

Here is a link to a fun lesson, science experiment, and a worksheet to go along with the lesson.

We watched Bill Nye's video on Matter.

Great Words~
Well, they did! They have memorized the entire Christopher Columbus poem. Lego Man recited it with only two mistakes. Princess P had a few more. Overall they both did great. As a special treat, we headed off to our local Sweet Frogs for a yummy treat!

Till next time,

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