Friday, May 1, 2015

Our Weekly wrap-Up

In our life this week.....
Well it's been a busy week for us here.
We had clean-up from Princess P's Parisian themed birthday party.

She had a wonderful time! Hopefully I'll get to post about it next week.

Before her party, our lovable lab was attacked by a neighbors dog. We took her to the vet, got antibiotics and headed home for the party. Of course it's never that simple! We had to take her back on Monday because the bite wound was getting impacted and it was not draining at all. I won't share all the details but it was gross! So the vet had to do surgery, open up the would, and place a drain tube in her side so the wound could drain with causing an infection on the inside. So for the past week, we have been babysitting the dog. The kids are getting good practice at being a vet.
She has had to wear the cone of shame all week. I would share a picture of her, but I really don't want to share something so gross. Thankfully on Friday, they were able to remove the drain, but we still have to flush the wound, apply ointment, and give her her meds. This will continue for another week until we take her back and the vet checks her progress. Hopefully we get the all clear then.

Poor thing. Look at that can anyone or anything attack this sweet face. All she wants to do is give everyone love!

So besides the dog, what else have we been doing?

Well, we have a few more days until baby chicks hatch.
We have a few eggs in an incubator and Miss Sunny has 12 eggs under her. She wanted to be a mama so bad last year, so she is very happy to be sitting on some eggs this year!

We will be inundated with baby chicks soon! We can't wait.

In our school....
Well, we are finishing up different subjects each day. The kids have finished up English, Faith & Life (Religion), The Baltimore Catechism, and Handwriting. Next week, we will finish up Latin.
The kids will continue on with Science and History until we finish up with our CCM weeks (ssh..don't tell anyone but we are a little behind) Spelling and Math will be done throughout summer. We still need to pick the topics we will be doing this summer for our unit studies!

So that's it for now! Hopefully we have an easier week next week.
I hope you all had a wonderful week.

Till next time, 

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  1. Poor Pup!! I hope that the wounds heal and the dog makes a quick recovery. How neat to be able to see baby chicks! We have had a busy week too.

  2. Your poor doggy!! So what happened to the neighbor's dog?


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