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TOS Review~ The Ultimate Gift from FishFlix.com

Recently, I gave my daughter a selection of wonderful movies from FishFlix.com to choose from for this review. She immediately jumped at the chance to watch and review The Ultimate Gift! We really enjoyed our last movie from FishFlix.com, so we were very eager to get this one in the mail.

FishFlix.com Review
FishFlix.com is a Christian company that focuses on providing families with good, wholesome movies for children, families, and adults. They offer thousands of Christian movies. The selection of Christian movies is amazing and contains a variety of high quality choices. They offer children's movies, documentaries, comedies, biographies, educational movies, Easter movies, and Christmas movies. They even have a Catholic selection of movies. You'll find movies about Saint Francis, Saint Catherine of Sienna, Saint Therese, Saint Maria Goretti, the Vatican, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Pope Francis, Lourdes,and Fatima. There are lots of titles to choose from. Families can find a Christian movie that would fit their needs. I'm sure they'd be able to find more than one.

FishFlix.com Review
For this review, Therese and I are reviewing The Ultimate Gift DVD. The Ultimate Gift DVD is a charming tale about a spoiled young man, named Jason. Jason's wealthy grandfather passes away and leaves behind a set of challenges Jason must meet before he will be granted his inheritance. If he can meet, fulfill, and accomplish these 12 gifts, he'll receive the Ultimate Gift. The grandfather's goal is to get Jason to experience life and finally realize what truly matters. He wants him to go from being selfish to being selfless. Along his journey, Jason befriends a sweet little girl, Emily, who is sick and dying of leukemia. Emily's mom and Emily form a special bond with Jason while he learns and experiences the different gifts his grandfather wants him to learn.
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What we thought about The Ultimate Gift DVD......

The Ultimate Gift  was a charming tale about a young selfish man who grows up and learns to put others before himself. This is such a great lesson for people to see and learn. Being selfish is a lot of times easier and a lot more fun. It takes more strength and courage to be selfless. 

The Ultimate Gift is well done and has some great actors in it. You'll immediately recognize the grandfather, James Garner. Emily, the young girl, is played by Abigail Breslin. Emily is a sweet girl, but she definitely has some sass to her.  Michael said she has no filter when she was talking to people. She just said whatever popped in her head. 

All three of us enjoyed the movie. It was a very toughing tale that encourages its viewers to focus on what really matters in this life. While watching the movie, you can't help but pray and hope that Jason finds his path on this amazing journey his grandfather has sent him on. He struggles with poverty, homelessness, and having to work for the first time in his life. He accepts each challenge and slowly meets them with an open heart. Of course at first, he fights and struggles but over time his heart starts to see what is important. This is such a special gift his grandfather has given him. 
It's the Ultimate Gift,

My kids are middle school age and I felt the movie was a good fit for us. I do think parents with younger kids may not find the movie suitable for them. I would suggest 10 and up for this movie, maybe 8 or 9 depending on the child. It has a small reference to a mistress, immodestly dressed women, guns, a reference to drugs and drug lords. Jason is pretty shallow and selfish in the beginning. Of course, all of these points can lead to a wonderful discussion about choices we make it life. As parents, we know what our kids can handle and what they can't.

I believe The Ultimate Gift has a very powerful message that we as a society need to here. We need to put others first. I would recommend this movie for a fun family movie night.

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FishFlix.com Review

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